Embroidered Sweatshirts: Why They're a Top Choice for Your Business Merchandise

by John Amato

As a business owner, it’s hard to sum up that magical moment when a surprise embroidered gift to your team or customers lights up their entire faces.

A small token, yes, but a huge gesture that sticks to memory and wins you admiration.

That’s the power of embroidered sweatshirts for your brand. It’s also why we at Jupmode are excited when we get to brainstorm with business owners to create unique designs that embody their personalities.

At the end of all our effort, will be the smiling faces of those you appreciate the most—your teams and customers.

But that’s just one reason to be thrilled about embroidered sweatshirts.

We’ve gathered more ideas to convince you that they’re your top choice for business merchandise. As you read on, you’ll discover:

    • Creative embroidery designs to use on your branding and marketing merchandise 
    • Why embroidered sweatshirts are so versatile
    • Key considerations for choosing embroidered sweatshirts
    • The best place to find premium-quality embroidery services

    Did You Know? Embroidery is a craft that dates back to the 3rd century BC. It's a testament to its enduring appeal that it remains a sought-after decoration method even in our technologically advanced era.

    Benefits of Embroidered Sweatshirts for Business Merchandise

    There’s just something about embroidered sweatshirts that stops you in your tracks.

    You find yourself instantly drawn in by their intricate decorations of color thread and needlework, admiring the craftsmanship that goes into ensuring each stitch is perfectly set.

    For a business, this is exactly the kind of attention you want for your brand. You want that sense of detail and creativity of custom embroidered sweatshirts to be associated with your work. But there are even more benefits to them:

    • Durable Design: A disheveled logo on your team’s outfit is quite an eye sore and embroidered sweatshirts avoid it with premium quality stitching directly on the fabric. This resists fading, cracking, and peeling as is common for other customization methods.
    • Professional Appearance: Picture your logo, brand name, and slogan, embroidered on a textured sweatshirt with a dash of color. It’s a professional look that elevates your company image, which is perfect for industry events and tradeshows.
    • Versatile Style: The customizable nature of embroidered sweatshirts adapts them to various functions, as corporate events merchandise to win new customers or as company uniforms to motivate your staff.

    These attributes are why we’re enthusiastic about embroidered sweatshirts and why we can’t wait to show you our latest design examples and ideas, such as the felt applique-embroidery combo or our super cozy Sherpa sweatshirts.

    But first, our embroidery services at Jupmode.

    Custom Embroidery Services From Jupmode

    Recently, we released a new line of embroidered crew sweatshirts. The design featured elegant tone-on-tone embroidery and a color palette of blush pink, pistachio green, and Aegean blue.

    premium quality embroidery from JupmodeIt was a fun project and a chance for our experienced team at Jupmode to get creative with the aesthetics and fabric feel for truly outstanding promotional apparel.

    80% cotton and a pigment-dyed fabric gave these sweatshirts a gentle feel against the skin and a unique toned look that served as the perfect backdrop for our centered embroidery stitches done in matching color threads.

    The result? You be the judge.

    “This crew sweatshirt is so soft and the color is beautiful, it's exactly what I was hoping for.”
    Caro, Verified Buyer, United States

    This level of depth is our approach to embroidery at Jupmode.

    We understand that custom promo products must effectively reflect your brand identity and echo your marketing message to help you stand out from the competition.

    As such, we work closely with you to deeply understand your unique goals and promotional strategy with each design we stitch. We want to understand the message behind your colors, the intention for each embroidery placement, and your audience.

    It’s how we’ve been able to produce premium quality services for over 15 years and today, we’d love to hear about your project.

    So, tell us about your idea. Let’s explore all the possibilities and create something amazing together.

    “JUPMODE is our go-to place for all of our customized apparel needs. They are great to work with—they communicate quickly, frequently, and clearly to make sure we get just what we need.”
    Nick Green, Principal, Incarnation School

    The video below shows how we do embroidery on sweatshirts.

    The Versatility of Embroidered Sweatshirts for Business Merchandise Applications

    Your merchandising possibilities with embroidered sweatshirts are excitingly numerous. They truly are a blank canvas with which to explore endless style options and practicalities.

    The colorful and textured chenille embroidery, for instance, adds a fun element to your company uniform that helps to boost team morale by creating a sense of belonging and unity. It also has that visual appeal that triggers curiosity to get your brand noticed by your target audience.

    chenille embroidery on a sweatshirtAlternatively, the super cozy Sherpa sweatshirts help your team stay warm and comfortable, which is another plus for team morale and productivity.

    Also, the textured Sherpa look provides an eye-catching contrast to your embroidery design, enhancing visibility and recognition for the visual elements of your brand, such as color, logo, and name.

    This makes these sweatshirts the ideal choice for custom promo products and giveaways, where they essentially serve as walking billboards for your business.

    sherpa sweatshirt from JupmodeAnother advantage of using embroidered sweatshirts as business merchandise is their appeal to customers and, consequently, their potential for retail.

    They offer that designer touch that resonates with consumers who value high-quality, customized clothing items.

    This creates the possibility for you to expand your business into lifestyle apparel with a unique line of sweatshirts bearing your brand.

    This versatility is why we love embroidered sweatshirts and why we think they’re the top choice for your personalized merchandise.

    That said, what are your considerations?

    Factors to Consider When Choosing Embroidered Sweatshirts for Business Merchandise

    When it comes to selecting the perfect embroidered sweatshirts for your business, there are several factors to consider.

    By taking the following into account, you can ensure that your sweatshirts are not only visually appealing but also meet the functional requirements of your business:

    1 - Sweatshirt Style, Fabric, and Color Options

    • Consider the style of sweatshirt that best fits your business needs, whether it's a hoodie, crewneck, or zip-up style. This entails considering your setting (formal or informal) and how each style fits.
    • Choose a fabric that is comfortable for your employees or customers to wear. So, factor in weather conditions and how each fabric style copes.
    • Select colors that are in line with your brand colors or complement your logo, for instance, contrasting colors or tone-on-tone colors.

    Pro Tip: When selecting the color for your embroidery, consider the psychological associations of different colors. For instance, blue is often associated with trust and dependability, which can subtly reinforce your brand's message.

    The table below highlights the sweatshirt style, fabric, and color options at Jupmode to help you select the perfect option for your business.

    Sweatshirt Style Fabric Options Color Options
    Embroidered Crewneck Sweatshirts Cotton/Polyester Blend Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Brown
    Hooded Sweatshirts Cotton/Polyester Blend Green, Blue, Brown, Heather Grey, Pink
    Zip-Up Sweatshirts Poly/Cotton/Rayon Fleece Blue, Pink

    2 - Design and Customization Options

    • Decide on the placement of your logo or design on the sweatshirt and its impact on visibility, whether it's on the front, back, or sleeve.
    • Choose the optimal size of the design to ensure it's visible and legible from all angles. If it’s too large, the design becomes distorted and if it’s too small, the design becomes illegible.
    • Consider the stitch count for your design and select an optimal number to enhance durability without affecting comfort. Excess stitching creates stiffness, which becomes noticeable and uncomfortable to the wearer.

    The following table highlights the design and customization options for sweatshirts at Jupmode to help you select the best option for your business.

    Design/Customization Option Embroidery Location Thread Color Options
    Logo Left Chest, Center Chest, Full Back All colors available
    Text Left Chest, Center Chest, Full Back, Sleeve All colors available
    Name Left Chest, Center Chest, Full Back, Sleeve All colors available

    3 - Budget and Pricing Considerations

    • Determine a budget that allows you to get your ideal sweatshirt and perfect embroidery style while staying within your business's financial constraints.
    • Consider the number of sweatshirts you need for your business and how this impacts your budget allocation for each item.
    • Evaluate your pricing options to ensure you're getting the best value for your investment.

    Get Noticed With Custom Embroidered Sweatshirts From Jupmode

    So, there you have it. Reasons why embroidered sweatshirts are a top choice for your business merchandise and key considerations when choosing.

    But we’d love to hear more about your branding project and your specific goals for the merchandise.

    For 15 years, we’ve been helping businesses like yourself develop fabulous embroidery designs including:

    • Tone-on-tone embroidery
    • Combined screen print and embroidery
    • Embroidered Sherpa
    • Embroidered chenille patches
    • Embroidered animal images

    And we’d love the chance to do the same with you whether they’re for a conference, your team, a tradeshow, or giveaways for your audience.

    So tell us about your idea and let’s get started on creating something truly magical.

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