How we embroider our Ohioan crew sweatshirts [Video]

by John Amato

Last year we released a new line of embroidered crew sweatshirts. The original themes were Midwesterner, Ohioan, and Toledoan. We loved the simple, tone on tone designs and comfortable, oversized sweatshirts. 

ohio, midwest, toledo embroidered crew sweatshirts

The embroidered sweatshirts have steadily become more and more popular over time. They're great in all seasons and make the perfect gift. In response we've released more designs for the University of Toledo, Bowling Green State University, Michigan, and the Great Lakes

These sweatshirts are reminiscent of vacation keepsakes that you'd find when traveling up north in Michigan or to the beach in Hilton Head. We wanted to recreate that for some of our favorite places in the Midwest. 

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order custom embroidered crew sweatshirts

Custom Embroidered Crew Sweatshirts FTW!

Being able to decorate these sweatshirts in house gives us the ability to respond faster to demand and experiment in the creative process. We're fortunate that we have the ability to do this as it supplements our custom embroidery business. 

We love showing people the process of our work. Even though t-shirts and embroidery are staples in everyday life, most people are unfamiliar with how it's done. 

Below you can see a video of how we decorate these embroidered crews.

Our Custom Embroidery Experience

Jodi, our embroiderer, has over 20 years of experience in the industry. We have found that most people who visit our production facility love watching the embroidery machine working. It's even fascinating to me to watch it work. 

If you have any questions about the embroidery process or our embroidered crews, you can email us for more info at or leave us a comment below. 

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