Custom Branded Promo Products for Your Business [We Can Help!]

by Molly Joyce

Where it started...

When we first started screen printing in 2011, we moved into a shop that had two lights, a manual press for screen printing, a small dryer, and a ping pong table. John was the owner, printer, sales rep, shipping department, designer, and everything else that had to do with Jūpmode. 

Bring on the teamwork! 

Fast forward to 2016. At this point, we had a dedicated sales team, graphic designers, human resources and finance, and a shipping team. We were growing quickly and knew we would have to make a move. We packed up our small shop in Perrysburg and moved to Adams Street to live out the You Will Do Better in Toledo motto. 

So where are we today? We now have manual and automatic screen printing machines, an embroidery machine (with another one on the way due to the rise of popularity with embroidered items), and a dedicated sales team with combined 30 years of experience! 

Our promo experts are here for YOU!

Our experience in the custom apparel and merchandise industry is why we feel confident that we can help you find the perfect promo items for your business. From water bottles, to hand sanitizer, to totes, or really anything you want to put your brand on, we are here to help you make that happen! 

Let us make your custom orders easy. Email us at to get your order started! 

Why promo items? 

Promo items are easy items to use to create connections and stay in touch with people. From the first meeting, promo items help to make an impression on your company. Once relationships are in place, promo items can be used to stay connected with your employees and customers to maintain connections and let them know you appreciate them. It’s also a smart way to get more exposure for your business as promo items are carried everywhere and can be seen by many people! 

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