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☝️ We do it all (and we really love it)

It all started with a sweater vest…

Buckeye fans know the one: Jim Tressel’s iconic scarlet sweater vest.

Watching OSU in the 2006 National Championship Game, I said to my dad, “Someone should make a Tressel sweater vest T-shirt. Like a tuxedo shirt, but for Ohio State.”

And then I realized… I WAS THAT SOMEONE

Fast-forward a bit, and our little shirt turned out to be a big hit. We’ve been making fun, high-quality, sometimes-a-little-in-jokey clothes in Toledo ever since.

What’s in a name?

The name Jupmode (JOOP-mode) comes from a lawn mowing business my brother and I ran for 12 years — Jupiter Pro Lawn Care. We took the “Jup” from Jupiter, added the French word for fashion (just to sound classy) and BAM. Jupmode was born.

Jupmode Brand & Retail Stores

For the Midwesterner in All of Us 

Since 2006, Jupmode has dedicated ourselves to creating fun, fresh apparel and gifts for people who love the Midwest. From cozy tees and hoodies to one-of-a-kind gear for your dog. For yourself, or for that friend across the country who’s missing home. We take pride in helping you show yours.

Pledge allegiance to the 419? We got you!

Tried-and-true Michigander? Let the world know!

Pining for the Great Lakes? Well, pine no more!

Hats, socks, drinkware, blankets, sweatpants… we do it all in style. All our products are made using high-quality materials, and with plenty of vintage-inspired designs we love (you will too).

As a retail brand, our goal is to honor the Midwest by remembering our past and celebrating our future.

And pssst: If you agree that Ohio truly is the greatest, you’re gonna wanna check out the Ohio Shirt Club. Get unique, comfy shirts showcasing everything special about the Buckeye State — delivered monthly to your door. 📦 👕 🥳 

Jupmode Custom Products 

We Can Put Your Logo on Anything (Yes, Really)

Along with designing fun regional tees, we ALSO specialize in helping you design and print custom clothing and promo products.

For your business, your event, your school, your team, or just for sell in your store or give away to the masses. We can (and do) do it all! 

Our full range of screen-printing and embroidery services to get your brand, business, or baseball team the right kind of attention:

  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Jackets
  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Stickers
  • Signs
  • Mugs
  • Lanyards
  • Anything. Seriously.

Have people show off your name on promotional items they’ll actually hold on to. Our in-house experts can even help with graphic design, to make sure your brand stands out in a crowd.

We bring the same care to custom orders that we do our own products. And after 15 years in the game, we know a thing or two about making awesome stuff.

👇 Have you watched our excellent video yet? We’re very proud of it.

Jupmode Supply 

Sell Your Merch Online! We’ll Do All the Work 

Want to sell your custom apparel online? We’ve got you covered there, too.

Jupmode Supply gives organizations big and small the ability to sell their own branded gear with ease. No need to stress about sales and distribution. Let our shop do the work for you!

From design and production to shipping and payment, our team is ready to tackle every step of the process. Get your shirt featured on our site, so people can find it, buy it, and start wearing it.

Brand merchandise, corporate apparel, team uniforms, school fundraisers — you name it and we can make it happen.

Your shirts. Our store. Doesn’t get much simpler than that.

What Can Jupmode Do for You?

We started Jupmode to show off our love for the city of Toledo and all things Ohio.

We wear our pride on our sleeves. And we wanna help you do the same.

Whether you hail from the great Midwest or not, whether you’re in the market for the perfect tee or some killer promotional goods… whether you want to buy, sell, or just create… We’re pumped to work with you.

So, let’s have some FUN! 

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