6 Embroidered Sweatshirt Design Ideas

by John Amato

A sweatshirt is a blank canvas waiting to be beautified, and embroidery is an art that transforms this canvas into a masterpiece.

Embroidery has been around for thousands of years. The technique is versatile, allowing for numerous designs on different fabrics.

At Jupmode, we’ve mastered the art of embroidery. We embroider sweatshirts for people who love the Midwest, Ohio, Toledo, and more. We do it for the Midwesterner in all of us.

Some of our fabulous embroidery designs include:

  • Tone-on-tone embroidery
  • Combined screen print and embroidery
  • Embroidered sherpa
  • Embroidered chenille patches
  • Embroidered animal images

You’ll love these fun and fresh embroidered sweatshirt ideas for yourself, your business, or as the perfect gift for someone special.

1 - Embroidered Animals and Objects 

sweatshirt with embroidered fish

Animals, plants, objects—you name it, we embroider it. We’ll use embroidery to bring to life the images you have in mind.

Are you, or do you know, a fan of the Maumee River Walleye Run? This embroidered walleye fish sweatshirt design is made in honor of the annual fishing event that Toledo is known for. 

Add flair to your look with this cozy hooded sweatshirt when you go fishing, while lounging at home, or when stepping out into the streets of Toledo.

2 - Embroidered Chenille Patches

sweatshirt with embroidered chenille patches

Our chenille patches are eye-catching. Bold letters in bright colors combined with the fuzzy chenille texture are hard to miss as you can see in this Toledo sweatshirt.

The chenille patches are made in a collegiate font to give them a vintage look. If you love anything vintage, you’ll be obsessed with these patches on your sweatshirt.

The patches may resemble embroidery from afar, but they’re different. However, they can be embroidered onto your sweatshirts and other clothing. The table below shows the differences between embroidery and chenille patches.

Embroidery Chenille Patches
Sewing is done directly on the clothing The patches are prepared separately and then attached to clothing
Embroidery uses thinner thread that results in a smooth finish Chenille uses yarn, which is thicker, occupies a large area, and gives a fuzzier look
Embroidery has a modern and classic look Chenille patches have an old-fashioned look
Embroidery can only be sewed on to clothing Chenille patches can be embroidered or ironed onto clothing
Embroidery is versatile and is applied onto clothing, beddings and other fabrics Chenille patches are popular with sports apparel

3 - Tone-On-Tone Embroidered Design

sweatshirt with tone-on-tone embroidery

If you’re not a fan of bold embroidery, tone-on-tone embroidery is less noticeable but still makes an impression with its classy look, like on this Ohioan crew sweatshirt.

The minimalistic design is achieved by using embroidery thread similar in color to the color of the fabric, which is usually in a single color.

If you want more contrast between the embroidery and sweatshirt color, we use thread that’s several shades darker or lighter, but it must remain within the same color family for the best results.

In the first example below, we’ve used darker embroidery than the fabric, while in the second example, we’ve used lighter-colored embroidery.

dark-colored embroidery on a bright sweatshirt

light-colored embroidery on a dark sweatshirt

Tone-on-tone embroidered sweatshirts make for memorable apparel that’s not overpowering. In reality, tone-on-tone embroidery stands out for not trying to stand out.

If you’ve ever wondered how minimalistic tone-on-tone embroidery is made, here’s a video:

4 - Embroidered Sherpa Sweatshirts

embroidered sherpa sweatshirt

A sherpa sweatshirt is super soft and cozy. It's literally the softest material ever.

How about coupling it with embroidery to liven it up? The red embroidery design against the pale sherpa color in the above image adds contrast to the crew sweatshirt.

A sherpa is a good option if you’re looking to add an embroidered sweatshirt of a different material to your collection. It’s softer and preserves heat better than fleece, keeping you warm. It’s also light, so you won’t feel like you’re carrying extra weight.

Note: Sherpa is prone to matting. To keep your embroidered sherpa sweatshirt matt-free, and maintain the fluffiness of your sweatshirt follow these tips:

  • Use mild laundry detergent.
  • Don’t wash with other clothes.
  • Use cold water to wash.
  • Use a low spin cycle setting.

To restore your sherpa’s fluffiness, mix water and fabric softener in a water bottle and spray on the matted areas, then brush out with a medium-bristled brush.

5 - Embroidery and Screen Print Combo

embroidery and screen print combination on a sweatshirt

Isn’t this sweatshirt design lovely? It’s a screen print and embroidery combination. The contrasting white embroidered calligraphy and blue screen-printed map make this design attractive.

What’s even better is that Jupmode can do it your way. We can combine a screen print image with embroidered writing, like in the image above, or write in both embroidery and screen printing, like in the image below.

embroidery and screen print combination on a sweatshirt

Though screen printing and embroidery are used together, they have their own advantages and disadvantages:

Embroidery: It’s versatile, durable, and professional but unsuitable for waterproof fabrics, gradient colors, and small text.

Screen printing: It’s cheap for bulk orders and suitable for gradient colors, small text, and delicate fabrics. But, the color can show through the fabric.

Pro Tip: Both screen printing and embroidery are artistic and manual processes performed by humans. When combining them together in one design, each piece is going to be slightly different making them all unique!

6 - Embroidery With a Dash of Color

sweatshirt with colorful embroidery

Do you prefer a dash of color on your sweatshirt but without it screaming for attention? Colorful embroidery design on a single-colored sweatshirt is the way to go.

This Four One Nine classic sweatshirt with a hoodie is an example of how a dash of color adds vibrancy without the need for a brightly colored fabric. Jupmode will custom embroider your sweatshirt with your choice of colors.

How to Take Care of Your Embroidered Sweatshirt

These embroidered sweatshirt design ideas won’t be complete if we don’t let you know how to take care of your sweatshirt once you purchase it.

Sweatshirts are easy to care for, but when they’re embroidered, the rules change a bit. If care isn’t taken, you may notice the following:

  • Disconnection of embroidery from the sweatshirt caused by shrinkage due to improper washing
  • Tearing or loose threads caused by vigorous washing, harsh detergents, or heat, such as ironing
  • Color bleeding caused by laundering your sweatshirt in hot water 

You don’t have to wash your embroidered sweatshirt more than is necessary if it doesn’t smell or there’s no visible dirt.

It’s safe to wash your embroidered sweatshirt in the machine but use cold water to prevent color bleeding and put it in a laundry bag so the embroidery won’t grind continuously over the other fabrics and loosen.

Most of our sweatshirts are made of a cotton polyester blend, so wrinkling chances are low, but if you feel the need to iron, do it inside out where there’s embroidery or place a piece of fabric over the embroidery and iron on it. 

combine a screen print on image with embroidered writing

Step Out With Pride in a Flawless Embroidered Sweatshirt

Embroidered sweatshirts rock. The embroidery adds color, texture, and personality to your sweatshirt, letting you step out with pride.

Order an embroidered sweatshirt from our many designs, such as tone-on-tone, embroidered chenille patches, or a print screen and embroidery combination. You can also have them custom-made to your desire.

We’ve mastered the art of embroidery at Jupmode, and use special machinery to create top-notch embroidered sweatshirts and other apparel that you’ll be proud to wear or gift to other Midwestern lovers.

“Great store for Toledo and Ohio-based clothing. The clothing selection is great.”
- Devin C

Do you have a question? Looking up your order? Making a return or exchange? Contact us.

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