Glass City Clothing

by John Amato

Toledo, Ohio...the Glass Capital of the World!

There are many things Toledo has to be proud of, but to be the glass capital of the world is no small feat. 

Toledo is the Glass Capital of the World for it's history in both industrial and art glass. This influence is still strong with many glass companies still operating in Toledo and art studios for glass blowing (like Gathered Glass).

Additionally, Toledo is home to the Glass City River Wall, the largest mural in the world!

We love to celebrate the history of Toledo that makes it a special place to be. As such, the Glass City is a consistent theme in our designs.

Here are a few of our items that will help show your Glass City pride.

Glass City Raglan

 glass city raglan

There's nothing like opening day for the Mud Hens. It's one of the best events of the year in Toledo.

We're fortunate to have an amazing minor league baseball team and stadium in Toledo. It adds a lot of family fun to downtown.

Our Glass City raglan has a simple bold design and is printed on a soft heather gray and red sleeved raglan.

Glass City Hoodie

glass city hoodie

Our designers do a great job of creating simple, timeless designs. This Glass City hoodie has a classic, retro font proudly proclaiming ones love for Toledo. 

Printed on a pigment dyed hoodie, this Glass City hoodie is prepared for any weather Toledo might throw at you. 

Glass City Women's V-neck

v-neck shirt and sweatshirt that says glass city

It's the moment you've all been waiting for!

For all of you that have been leaving us comment after comment on social media, your time has finally come. Here is the women's v-neck you've been clamoring for: Glass City V-neck.

While we've had v-neck shirts in our collection for a long time, it is one of the loudest comments that we receive. And we get it - there's something special about a nice women's vee and there aren't enough good ones out there. That's why we went to the trouble to have these custom made for us by a manufacturer in LA. 

A simple, classy design on two great garments

What is it that you love best about our clothing?

While we have some guesses, we like to think it comes down to the designs and the garments we print them on. This new Glass City design fits both of these criteria. 

We've already talked about the women's v-neck. The Glass City crewneck is just as nice. The soft french terry material has been a big hit for us recently. It's the same material as your beloved Ohio Forever and Ever crew sweatshirt. 

There was as much care put into creating the art for these new releases as there was in choosing the garments. The simple, cursive design was hand illustrated by our design team. They carefully chose the cream colored ink to give it a vintage look and feel.  

We just know that you're going to love both of these new releases. 

Glass City Dad Hats

glass city dad hats

You've all been asking for them and now they're finally here!

After tons of requests, we now have a dad hat for you! This Glass City dad hat is the perfect gift for all. 

Shop Glass City Clothing at Jupmode

Celebrate the Glass City in style with this soft tri-blend Glass City V-neck or relaxed, lightweight Women's Terry Crew Sweatshirt. Both can be found on our website and in our Toledo, Ohio retail stores


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