Glass City River Wall (Largest Mural In the US)

by Molly Joyce

We love seeing exciting things like this happen in our city!

With all of the revitalization happening in Toledo, it seems like there is so much to celebrate this summer.

One of the biggest (literally and figuratively) things to note is the Glass City River Wall! 

This mural is set to be the largest in the US, consisting of 28 ADM silos along the Maumee River. The mural itself will be a whopping 160,000 square feet!

What a cool new piece of art for the Glass Capital of the World!

Wonder how much paint that will take? The crew has estimated it will take roughly 5,000 gallons. 

Glass City River Wall

The mission of the Glass City River Wall is to "provide a stunning and welcoming visual to the gateway of our city with a universal and inclusive message of hope and positivity." 

Gabe Gault, the artist, has created a design that will tell the story of the Native American tribes who were considered the first farmers on the banks of the Maumee River thousands of years ago.

This Glass City River Wall is projected to be completed in time for the Solheim Cup and we can’t wait to see it!

For more information on the Glass City River Wall, check out their website or follow them on Instagram for updates! 


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