Custom T-Shirts: Gathered Glassblowing Studio in Toledo

by john amato

Gathered Glass Toledo T-Shirts

As a local Toledo, Ohio small business ourselves, we love working with local small businesses. We feel a sense of pride when another small business from the area reaches out to us to help them with their branded merch.

Nothing feels better than working with and supporting other small businesses.

Toledo has an amazing creative community and Gathered Glass is a wonderful part of that. We are especially fond of them because, like us, they undertook a significant renovation project to move into their building and have run a great business over the years.

Gathered Glass reminds us of the rich history of glass making we have in the city of Toledo. While many people know that Toledo is the Glass City, they forget that glass is still being made here. Gathered is one of many artisanal glass blowing shops in the Toledo area. 

We printed these custom shirts for Gathered Glassblowing Studio with discharge ink. It's not something we do very often so it was a challenge. 

We get requests all of the time to print shirts with a vintage look or soft hand feel. Most of the time we use different techniques because discharge is a bit tricky. However, we have two customers that specifically request it and we love the way these shirts look.

Discharge printing is a process where the dye in the shirt is removed, and the color you print replaces the shirt color. This gives the print on the shirt almost no hand feel and allows for a bright print even on a dark garments without using an underbase. The print gets softer every time you wash it.

Stop by Gathered Glass on Huron Street in Downtown Toledo to buy this shirt and some of their handcrafted glassware!

And as always, if you need custom shirts, contact us at!


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