Toledo, Ohio: the Glass Capital of the World!

by Molly Joyce

Did you know Toledo is the Glass Capital of the World?

Toledo, Ohio is fondly known as the Glass City because it is the Glass Capital of the world. 

Why is Toledo the Glass Capital of the world?

It all started in the 19th century when Toledo became a prime location for glass manufacturing companies to put down their roots.

You might've heard the name Edward Drummond Libbey before. In 1888, Libbey moved his family's company, New England Glass, to Toledo.

Today, we know this company as Libbey Glass!

This move set the stage for other glass companies to follow suit and make their move to Toledo. With Owens-Illinois, Owens-Corning, and Libbey Owens Ford, Toledo began to manufacture all kinds of glass! From glass bottles to auto glass to flat glass, you can bet that Toledo was making it.

Toledo Honors the Glass City Name

Not only is Toledo known for manufacturing industrial glass, but it's been part of the artistic glass scene, as well.

Because of Toledo's significance in the history of glass, the Toledo Museum of Art has a building dedicated and built out of glass. At the Glass Pavilion at TMA you can find amazing glass collections and live glass blowing demonstrations.

Additionally, there are many independent glass makers in Toledo such as Gathered Glass in downtown Toledo and Firenation in Holland. 

So when we say Toledo is the Glass Capital of the World, we mean it!

Toledo is the Glass Capital of the World 

Glass City Toledo Shirt Club

We make Toledo t-shirts to honor and celebrate Toledo's past, present, and future. Our collection of shirts wouldn't be complete without paying tribute to Toledo's glass history. 

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Glass Capital of the World Merch

glass capital of the world shirt

The response to our Glass Capital of the World shirt club shirt was overwhelmingly positive. It's the shirt that has been requested the most out of any of the shirt club shirts. 

One thing that makes our Toledo Shirt Club shirts special is that they are exclusive to members. That means that if you aren't subscribed, you're going to miss out on the shirt. We never reprint them or put them in our stores. 

However, due to the demand in the phrase, we decided to change it up a bit and make a shirt and, of course, pint glass to pay tribute to the glass capital of the world. 

glass capital of the world pint glass

You've routinely seen our designs with the slogan "Glass City". It's a phrase that people who call Toledo home know well. Outside of Northwest Ohio it's not as well known. 

This Glass Capital of the World design points everyone straight to Toledo. 

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  • Comment Author: Gary Holznecht

    I have been in glass for the last 60 years and I did not know that Toledo Ohio was the center of the Glass Capital of the world! Great to know. How do I get teeshirts for the shop?

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