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How we screen print rainbows on t-shirts (With Examples)

How we screen print rainbows on t-shirts (With Examples)

We've been screen printing a lot of custom rainbow shirts leading up to Toledo Pride! There are a few different techniques when it comes to printing a rainbow, and we've used all of them in the last few weeks. Each method achieves a different look and can be the best option depending on what the customer is looking for. 

1. Half Tones

If a customer wants a consistent looking rainbow throughout the whole order, printing it with half tones is the best option. When creating the art, we use half tones to create the rainbow gradient, separate that gradient by individual color, and put the art for each color on it's own screen. This can take anywhere from 5-6 screens to get a full color rainbow. The result looks like these shirts we printed for the Toledo Museum of Art. 

toledo museum of art shirt

2. Split Fountain Print

For a split fountain rainbow print, we use 3 to 6 ink colors (depending on the desired rainbow color scheme) on one screen that get blended over each pass with the squeegee. The colors blend more with each pass making each shirt's print unique! 

georgjz 419 shirt

3. Foil Print

For a foil rainbow, we screen print and cure a layer of special adhesive on the shirt, heat press the foil onto the adhesive, and peel off the excess. This technique isn't as durable as a screen print, but it gives the print a shiny look that only foil can achieve! 

unison health shirt

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