Custom Gay Pride Shirt Examples (LGBTQIA+ Shirts)

by John Amato

Being from Toledo, we get hit with a lot of custom gay pride clothing twice per summer. That's because June is the national pride month while Toledo celebrates Pride month in August. 

Any screen printer knows that Pride shirts are a fun challenge. That's because they often include the full colors of the rainbow or the Pride Flag.

We've talked about printing pride clothing quite a bit around here. Not only do we have a full line of Pride apparel and gifts in our retail line, but we are located on Adams Street in Toledo which is known as Pride Way. 

We love printing custom Pride shirts because we believe in equality, unity, and love. 

Here are examples of some of the Pride shirts that we have made for our customers. Check out our previous article on how to print rainbows on shirts to learn more about our decoration techniques for pride clothing. 

Metroparks Toledo Outside Together Shirt

metroparks toledo rainbow shirt

With this design the Metroparks did an excellent job of combining their branding with a message of strength and equality. 

The multicolored leaves and highlighting the words "out together" send a clear message of support for the LGBTQIA+ community. 

University of Toledo Pride Shirt

university of toledo rainbow pride shirt

These UToledo Pride shirts were made for the Sexuality and Gender Alliance at the University of Toledo. This shirt is an example of an item that used multiple methods of decoration to achieve the customer's desired result. 

The left chest print design features a smooth rainbow gradient that we used a transfer to apply to the shirt. The design on the back was a one color print that we screen printed. 

Georgjz419 Rainbow Roll Shirt

georgjz toledo shirt

Georgjz419 is located just down the street from us on Adams Street. Not only is it cool that we get to print shirts for our neighbors, but this design uses a technique called a rainbow roll or split fountain to achieve a multi-colored rainbow effect on the design.

With this technique, the colors mix and blend on the same screen making each shirt just a little bit different. 

Check out the video below to see how we printed these cool rainbow roll shirts for Georgjz419:

Owens Community College Shirt

owens community college pride shirt

Owens Community College went with a retro design on their Pride shirts. 

We printed all of the colors of the rainbow on this shirt without an underbase to give it a faded, well-worn look. The design sends a clear message of inclusion and acceptance for everyone at Owens.  

Unison Health Rainbow Foil Shirt

unison rainbow foil shirts

This shirt for Unison Health goes a different route than the other shirts in this list. The design uses a rainbow foil to show pride. 

To make a shirt like this we first print an adhesive on the shirt. After the shirt is printed, we heat press the foil onto the shirt. It only sticks to the printed adhesive leaving the design like you see above. 

Foil on a shirt pops unlike any ink can. It's a great technique if you want your shirts to stand out. 

Shumaker Pride Tank Top

shumaker loop pride tank tops

Shumaker came to us and wanted to use all of the colors of the Pride Flag in their pride tees and tanks. On our last count, that's ten colors. 

Our presses can't print that many colors and it might be cost prohibitive to incur the setup fees for a design like this. So, rather than screen print them, we used transfers to decorate these garments. 

Transfers allow us to affordably make designs with high color counts. We love the way these turned out. 

Check out this article for more information on the difference between heat transfers and screen printing

custom pride tank top

Where to Order Custom Gay Pride Shirts?

We tell people all of the time that making custom t-shirts is more fun when we print fun designs. That's what we love about Pride Shirts. The designs are colorful, vibrant, and creative.

Screen printing rainbows on shirts isn't a simple feat. The more colors on a design, the more difficult it is to print. Over the years, we've perfected our printing techniques to produce the best results for pride clothing. 

This experience and commitment to quality is why our customers come back each year. 

If your business or organization needs custom pride clothing for Pride month or any other occasion, we'd love to help. 

Get in touch with us today to get your order started!


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