Custom Embroidered Beanie Examples and Ideas

by John Amato

If you're from the Midwest, you won't be surprised to hear that we embroider custom beanies all year long. 

They've become a fashion staple that is worn both indoors and out, styled professionally or casually, and decorated with embroidery or patches. 

B&B painting embroidered beanie

B&B Painting Embroidered Beanies

No matter what kind of business you work for, from large corporations to local businesses, custom embroidered beanies are a versatile company apparel item.

There's a lot of appeal to beanies:

  • Unisex styles can be worn by men and women
  • They are practical for employees that work outside in the winter
  • They make great gifts for customers
  • Your brand gets great visibility on the front panel of beanies
  • High quality embroidery is durable and long lasting

Custom embroidery is a popular decoration option for many businesses and organizations because it gives any apparel item a professional look. Beanies, specifically, help outfit your employees from head to toe in your brand.

Beanies can be found in any color, many different brands (including Carhartt, New Era, The North Face, Richardson), various styles (cuff, no cuff, and pom), and a price point for any budget.

Here are some tips to consider when starting an embroidery order for beanies:

We know how important it is for any organization to put their best foot forward. Custom embroidery is a great way to elevate your brand and make a positive first impression on your exisiting and potential customers. 

In this article we'll show you examples of custom beanies that we embroidered that are great merch ideas for the following organizations:

  • Schools
  • Coffee Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Landscaping Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Health Care Systems
  • Breweries

Local Roots Winter Beanies

embroidered cuff beanie

Local Roots is a fun little shop in Perrysburg that offers healthy food and drink options. 

Since they opened, they've come to us to help them with employee and customer apparel. From screen printed shirts to embroidered hats, Local Roots has consistent branding.

In these examples, you can see that we helped them with embroidery on a cuff beanie and patch beanies. Both are great options for their employees and customers.

patch beanie

Bike Shop Beanies

bike shop beanie

For Sweet Bike Shop, we embroidered three different beanies with their logo. 

Their logo has large text with strong contrast between colors which makes it highly visible to anyone who sees it. 

Embroidering the same logo on all three styles was a smart idea to manage their costsand maintain consistent branding. This gives their customers more choice in selecting their preferred style.

Sweet Bike Shop used three high quality beanies for their order. Two of them are New Era and one is from The North Face. 

If you want your brand to be seen by a lot of people, spending a little extra on a brand you know your customers will love is the best way to do it.

bike shop pom beanie

custom embroidered beanie

Whitelabel Embroidered Pom Beanie

embroidered pom beanie

For their branded merch, Whitelabel chose a loose fitting, chunky, pom beanie embroidered with their logo.

As we're fond of saying, the simplest designs are the best designs. Whitelabel keeps it simple here with their clean logo in two colors on a gray beanie. 

The style of the hat, from the texture to the pom, makes it stand out from your standard winter hat. 

These are sure to be loved by employees and customers alike. 

The Flying Joe Embroidered Beanie

coffee shop embroidered beanie 

We proud to say that we've been working with The Flying Joe Coffee Shop for almost ten years. 

They come to us because we provide quality embroidery and we're easy to work with.

For their winter hats this year, the Flying Joe went with a waffle knit beanie. It adds texture and style to a classic fit and look. They also updated their logo to a more stylized propellor. 

The Flying Joe runs a successful merch program because they've built such strong relationships with their customers. People love their friendly employees, their cozy shop, their drinks, and their food.

Because of this, they support the Flying Joe on a daily basis by proudly wearing their coffee shop merch.

More Beanie Design Ideas

This list of embroidered beanies could go on and on. When fall rolls along we're decorating beanies almost every day.

Here are additional examples of embroidered winter beanies that we've made for our customers. 

welding beanie

MCW Welding Beanie

custom patch beanie

Danberry Co. Patch Beanie

embroidered beanie

OmniSource Beanie

metroparks cuff beanie

Toledo Metroparks Cuff Beanie

coffee shop beanie

Grounds for Thought Coffee Beanie

fanklin park embroidered cuff beanie

Franklin Park Mall Beanie

st joe's school pom beanie

St. Joe's Sylvania Pom Beanie

Life Connections Embroidered Beanies

Life Connections Embroidered Beanies

Al Peake embroidered Beanies

Al Peake Embroidered Beanies

Order Custom Embroidered Beanies

Here’s what Joni had to say after ordering custom embroidery:

"All the folks at Jupmode were very courteous and helpful as I worked through a special order with them. Rob was quick to respond to my questions in e-mail and the people in the store when I dropped off and picked up my completed order were very competent and nice. The embroidery looks beautiful on all three pieces!

People should be very comfortable using Jupmode!"

Embroidered beanies provide warm and professionalism for employees and make great gifts for customers. 

No matter the use or organization, beanies are an easy choice to get your brand out there. We regularly embroider beanies for construction companies, restaurants, schools, sports teams, hospitals, and manufacturing companies. 

At Jupmode we know that our success is determined by how happy you and your customer are with our final product. 

If you need new embroidered beanies reach out to Jupmode today! 

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