Embroidered Hats: 4 Expert Tips Before You Buy

by John Amato

We may not know who invented the hat, but we can admit they did an outstanding job. From health benefits like protecting your hair from sun damage to aesthetic benefits like finishing off any stylish outfit, hats have become a wardrobe essential.

While there are plenty of hat design options available today, the most popular choice is the custom embroidered hat.

Embroidered hats are worn on formal and casual occasions, thanks to their benefits and versatility, which include: 

  • They are unisex and a great fit for anyone, making them excellent gift ideas for loved ones, employees, or customers.
  • They protect your head and face from the sun’s heat when playing outdoor games such as baseball and golf.
  • They are great employee uniforms that go well with other embroidered apparel, enhancing your brand’s visibility.
  • You can’t go wrong with embroidered beanies during the cold Midwestern winter. They’ll not just keep you warm but also stylish. 

As you’ll find out, much consideration goes into creating high-quality embroidered hats. So making uninformed choices in your ordering phase may cost you in the end.

These four expert tips will help you know the best features to look out for when buying any embroidered hat.

1 - Select a Hat That’s Appropriate for Your Needs

lady wearing Jupmode’s Midwest Script Hat

Headwear comes in all shapes and sizes. Everyone has at least one type of hat they love wearing, but not all designs are fit for embroidery.

Jupmode offers the best hat options that work great with custom embroidery. 

The table below shows three of these designs.

Type Of Hat


Brief Description

Dad Cap

blue six panel hat
  • The regular baseball cap
  • Well rounded and looks good on everyone
  • Can be custom embroidered to fit any name, image, and logo

Cuffed Beanie

Ohio embroidered beanie
  • Keeps you warm
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Projects upwards from the scalp, providing extra room for custom embroidery


navy snapback cap
  • Fits on any head, making it ideal for businesses with a wide range of customers
  • Adjustable
  • Has a wide surface area that can fit any embroidered image, name, or logo

Most baseball caps fall into two key categories; structured and unstructured. 

A structured cap has a stiff lining known as buckram in its crown, which holds its shape and gives it a rigid structure. It has a more polished, crisp look that looks good when worn as part of a corporate uniform. It's also a popular accessory in sports.

On the other hand, an unstructured cap looks the same all around and its crown lacks additional support. It will slightly collapse if you take it off your head and place it on a desk. It tends to have a low profile and gives a more casual look.

Climate is another major determinant of the best hat design for you. If you live in warmer areas, choose a hat with moisture-wicking fabric or a back mesh or like a trucker hat. While for colder climates call for beanie hats.

2 - Opt for Embroidered Hat Patches

embroidered hat patch

Patches are your best bet if you’re aiming for a sleek, professional look. All kinds of businesses have embraced them, from coffee shops to construction companies. 

Custom patches can be a powerful branding tool for your company when added to your hat, as they make your brand stand out and give it a distinct identity.

Below are other benefits of custom hat patches to your business and personal brand:

  • Patches come in various colors and fabrics, giving you variety.
  • You can wash and dry your hat multiple times without the patch becoming dull or losing its color.
  • Patches work well with hats and beanies, giving you a wide range of hats to work with.

Jupmode offers both woven and embroidered patches, which are added to your hat using an embroidery machine.

Note: The minimum number of patches you can order from us is 50. Because the sewing file is the same regardless of the apparel or accessory we’re adding it to, you can include other merchandise in your order, such as keychains and our famous embroidered crew sweatshirts

Check out the entire collection of our woven and embroidered patch apparel and accessories here for ideas.

3 - Pay Attention to Your Logo’s Size and Placement

embroidered hat

When ordering embroidered hats for your business, your logo’s size and placement are some of the most important aspects to consider. How your logo looks once embroidered on the hat matters more than it appears on paper.

For the best engagement with your customers, choose a bold and legible logo that makes your hat striking and recognizable. 

Ensure that its details are still visible at the size you’ve chosen. Ideally, baseball hats have their logos at about 2” tall 2” wide. But this can go as high as 2.25” or as low as 0.5”, depending on the logo’s placement. 

The most common place to add a logo on a hat is directly on the front of the hat.

But adding your logo to different locations within the hat also gives your brand exposure from multiple angles. Just ensure not to overdo it (2–3 are enough) because it may make your hat look cluttered and unprofessional. 

The table below shows some appropriate locations for your custom embroidered logos and their preferred sizes on 6 panel hats.

Logo Location On Hat

Brief Description


Center front

camp Ohio patch hat

Camp Ohio Patch Hat

  • Most common logo placement area
  • Most visible
  • Most versatile—goes well with slogans, texts, and logos of different shapes
  • Provides the largest surface area to embroider on

2.25” tall 4.5” wide

Front left or right panel

souk trucker hat

Souk Trucker Hat

  • Works best with logos or patches since its size restricts the sewing field
  • Either panel is ideal for designs or texts that read from left to right

2.25” tall 2.75” wide

Sides of hat

green Michigan felt hat

Michigan Felt Hat

  • Provide a smaller embroidery space
  • Ideal for company tags or flags
  • Can also highlight company’s motto

1” tall 2” wide for tag or flag

At least 3” space allowance for texts

Be creative in choosing your text or logo placement locations. Ensure the message you want to be conveyed flows well, is visible to all, and easy to understand.

4 - Choose the Right Color for Your Hat and Logo

hat embroidery process

With digital design, there are myriad options when it comes to color. But your embroidery’s thread color can make or break your design. 

Well-designed logos have one thing in common—simplicity. This means keeping your color palette at a minimum. We recommend sticking to three colors (or less) when creating your logo. 

However, if you want a logo made using your brand’s signature colors, that’s also totally fine. We’ll help you select only the hat colors that complement your brand’s colors for embroidery.

If you aim to improve your brand’s visibility, pick thread colors that strongly contrast with your hat’s color. This creates an eye-catching, striking look draws people's eyes your way, giving your brand the exposure it desires. 

The image below is an example of hats with strongly contrasting embroidery thread colors.

hats with strongly contrasting colors

But if you’d like a more subtle embroidery, choose thread colors that are a shade darker or lighter than your hat’s color. The tone-on-tone design gives a sharp, classy, and harmonious look, subtly conveying that a single tone can still make a statement.

Ready to Purchase Stylish, Timeless Embroidered Hats?

Embroidered hats are timeless accessories worn in formal and casual settings. But because of the embroidery process, it’s crucial to know what the main features to look out for before making a purchase.

Factors such as your logo’s size and placement, the color of your hat and logo, and knowing the best hats for embroidery largely determine the overall quality of your hat. 

Jupmode’s embroidered hats are unisex and come in lots of design options. Their versatility makes them a wardrobe staple even in the corporate world, where they blend well with other branded work uniforms. 

When gifted to your customers or worn as uniforms by your employees, our custom embroidered hats will build your reputation and freely advertise your brand to the ends of the earth. Even better, custom embroidered hats are more cost-effective when ordered in bulk than other apparel choices.

our custom embroidered hats will build your reputation

So, if you’d like to order some embroidered hats to promote your brand or use them as gift sets for loved ones, reach out to us.

"...What an impressive turnaround on our order... They turned out perfectly and we were all pleased with the entire experience..."
- Don C

Our team of experts is also ready to answer all your embroidery-related questions. All you need to do is email us at info@jupmode.com or leave a comment below.

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embroidered hats: 4 expert tips before you buy


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