4 Emerging Awesome Tips for Branded Beanies Hats

by Molly Joyce

Get the right branded beanie hats, and people will love them so much that they’ll literally wear your brand on their heads.

Branded beanies are a genius advertising move for brands here in the Midwest. Given how cold it gets, beanies are a popular accessory that you can give away at events or as thoughtful gifts to your employees, clients, or customers.

So, how do you get your branded beanies on people’s heads and soak in the free marketing? You make the hats really cool and stylish.

The simple beanie has evolved greatly over the ages, meaning there are many ways to make these hats fresh and exciting. Some of the ways hat designers are making beanie hats cool and fashionable include using:

  • Bold colors and fonts
  • Customized branding 
  • Custom hat patches and labels
  • Comfortable, affordable, and modern fabric material such as acrylic
  • The latest designs such as hipster beanies

Let’s explore four awesome tips to make your branded beanies stand out.

1 - Embroider Your Beanies With Your Logo

brown beanie with an embroidered Michigan patch

Embroidered beanies aren’t exactly a new trend, but the sheer number of embroidery options and designs make these among the best customization options. 

Here at Jupmode, we offer all embroidery styles so that you can find the one that works best with your choice of branding.

Flat Embroidery

To begin with, flat embroidery is a style that’s stitched flat onto the fabric of the hat, hence the name. It’s perfect for intricate designs and allows for a wide range of colors. 

Secondly, flat embroidery is a fantastic style for company logos because it works on all types of fabrics. It’s also the cheapest and fastest embroidery style, especially with our state-of-the-art embroidery machines. 

machine stitching 2D embroidery on t-shirt

3D “Puff” Embroidery Style

The 3D “puff” embroidery uses a foam insert to raise the design from the fabric surface. The stitching is done over this insert, making it suitable for bold but simple designs with large rounded letters. 

Despite its simplicity, puff embroidery adds that extra zing to branded beanies and makes them stand out even more.

It's a very popular option for baseball hats because many major league teams use puff embroidery. 

Thanks to our experience, we are in the best position to advise our clients on what embroidery options best suit the density, type, and fabric of your chosen beanies. For example, knitted and fleece beanies are too stretchy for puff embroidery, but flat embroidery works great on them.

puff embroidery adds that extra zing to branded beanies

The table below shows the four main beanie hat embroidery options that we use to make amazing branded beanie hats.

Embroidery Option Example Details
Flat embroidery flat embroidery on a beanie hat
  • Embroidered directly on the fabric for a clean look
  • Perfect for detailed designs
  • Quick and cheap
  • Creates a durable design
  • Results in smooth and comfortable textures
Puff embroidery puff embroidery on Jupmode hoodie
  • Uses a base made of foam to create a raised, 3D effect
  • A dense network of thread is then used to cover the foam
  • Works best with large blocky letters and designs
  • Only works for simple designs
  • It’s one of the most sought-after branding designs for beanies
Embroidered patches and labels beanie with an Ohio patch
  • Involves sewing premade patches with your brand logo embossed, stitched, or etched onto the beanie
  • Patches can be made of leather, rubber, PVC, damask, or satin
  • The patches can also be woven, embroidered, or screen printed
  • Patches allow for more detailed artwork
  • Patches are long-lasting and do not affect the hat’s threads

No matter the design, embroidered branding on beanie hats adds visually interesting depth, color, and contrast that makes them stand out immediately. Embroidered branding is also affordable and works with most types of beanie hats.

Expert Tip: Have you ever seen those hats with an ugly white patch on the inside? That’s called stabilizer fabric and is used to hold embroidered designs when you can’t stitch directly onto the fabric. 

However, stabilizer backing can leave a rough, unsightly white surface. Good embroiderers use dissolving or tear-away backing to minimize the feel which leaves your beanies looking and feeling smooth.

2 - Go for Bright Colors

Neutral color beanies—blacks, grays, whites, and greens—have dominated beanie hat fashion. That’s okay because beanies have always been a functional piece.

But now, beanies are making a comeback as a fashion statement. 

Beanie hats have become a staple accessory for the bold and classy folks. The fashion-conscious among us know that Rihanna and Taylor Swift love being photographed in beanies.

These celebrities wear neons, yellows, oranges, and reds. If you love such bold colors for your brand, this is the time to step out in style.

Many people today wear neutral-colored hats, so bright beanies will pop out beautifully as you can see in the examples below.

model wearing a blue beanie

Maddie and Bella wearing pink and brown beanies

While other brands go for black and gray beanies, why not explore bolder, more sophisticated color options?

More importantly, bright beanies are great for activewear. The increased visibility makes them ideal for running, hiking, biking, and other outdoor uses. Remember, we also customize high-vis jackets and other safety gear.

3 - Choose Comfortable Acrylic Materials

Jupmode black beanie made of acrylic thread

Looking at the above beanie, you can tell that it’s comfortable and light, even before you wear it. That’s because it’s made of comfortable acrylic materials. 

Beanie hats have to be comfortable and functional or no one will wear them. Most beanie hats are made of merino wool, which, while comfortable, is expensive, hard to wash, and doesn’t hold its shape well.

The beanie shown above is 100% acrylic, which gives it several advantages over natural wool beanies:

  • Acrylic thread is light and smooth, giving it a comfortable feel
  • Acrylic material is much lighter than wool, making hats feel natural
  • Acrylic beanies are resistant to stains and wrinkles and hold their shape very well
  • Acrylic keeps color amazingly well, remaining bright for years
  • Acrylic beanies are perfect for those who are allergic to natural fibers like wool

The one thing to keep in mind about acrylic beanies is that they can get hot. They are meant to keep your head warm so they are best used in cold places or during cold months.

However, acrylic is much cheaper than wool. Plus, if you’re giving branded beanies away, the recipients will appreciate the minimal care and maintenance of acrylic beanie hats.

Expert Tip: If heat is an issue for you, choose beanies with thinner fabric that allows more heat to escape. Alternatively, go for beanies made of mixed fabric or with merino wool liners for the best of both fabrics.

4 - Use Trendy Fonts

three beanies


You probably already know that fonts play a central role in your brand’s personality. Modern brands are leaning towards clean, minimalist, yet bold fonts. But there is still room to be quirky and edgy.

If you want your branded beanie hats to be memorable, a trendy font on the design could be a powerful way to do it.

One of the trends we have noticed lately is the use of old English and medieval-style fonts. These look almost gothic, but they have a timeless effect on any kind of brand signage. Here’s an example on a t-shirt we made.

model with a yellow printed Jupmode t-shirt

If classic is not your style, you can go funky. Even a simple black-and-white pom beanie transforms with some simple printed text.

pom beanie with printed text

All the effort we put into our work has won us the hearts of our clients.

customer testimonial branded beanies

Whether you choose to go with standard designs or want a custom, explosive new design, our design team is here to make it happen. Our creative team is always ready to work with you to create digital prototypes, so you can experiment until you find a design you love.

Let’s Get You Beanies You Will Be Proud to Wear

The line between a cool beanie and one that gets forgotten in the drawer is thin. If you want the free marketing that comes with people wearing your branded merchandise, you’ll have to invest in making your merch cool and stylish.

That means working with people who know their craft and who have the latest technology to make it happen. Here at Jupmode, we have been customizing and branding merchandise for brands and for retail since 2006.

We’ve perfected the art of designing and creating perfectly printed and embroidered apparel that will exceed your expectations.

Are you looking for some winter marketing with branded beanies? Talk to us about our custom screen printing and embroidery services today.

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