8 Vintage Ohio Tees Examples That Your Clients Will Love

by Molly Joyce

As an Ohio-based business, one of the best bets you can give your clients is a vintage Ohio t-shirt. 

Why, you wonder? 

Well, it's no secret the love and pride Ohioans have for their state. If you were born in Ohio, visited once, or relocated there, then once an Ohioan, always an Ohioan. 

Vintage t-shirts allow your clients to show off their Buckeye State love in comfort and style. 

So, what t-shirts exactly should you get for your clients?

As your resident Ohio-based company and vintage Ohio t-shirt experts, we’ve got your back. We’ve used our vast experience to put together this list of vintage Ohio tees that your clients are sure to fall in love with.

In this list, we look at vintage t-shirts that:

  • Evoke Ohio pride
  • Show off Ohio’s history
  • Inspire Ohioan kindness

Vintage Ohio Tees

The Beautiful Ohio T-Shirt

Beautiful Ohio Shirt

The beautiful Ohio t-shirt is about just that: how beautiful Ohio is! 

We’ve designed the t-shirt with a vintage aesthetic to remind anyone that wears or sees of their love for Ohio—of the adventure, the friendly faces, and the beautiful places. 

The t-shirt is also an ode to Ohio’s State Song, ”Beautiful Ohio.” It’s a physical representation of the sentiments expressed in the song and a reminder of the wonders and marvels of the Buckeye State.

The beautiful Ohio tee is a must-have for any proud Ohioan.

Ohio Shoot for the Moon T-Shirt

Ohio Shoot for the Moon Shirt

The Ohio Shoot for the Moon vintage t-shirt is designed to celebrate Ohio's rich and varied history, especially its history with space and aeronautics. 

Did you know that Ohio is credited with three trips to the moon and 78 space flights?

Ohio has also produced 25 of our nation's most accomplished astronauts; most notably John Glenn, who was the first American to orbit the earth, and Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. 

Whether your clients are history buffs, proud Ohioans, or just fans of the moon, they will love the Shoot for the Moon vintage t-shirt.

Ohio Carnation T-Shirt

Ohio Carnation T-Shirt

The carnation t-shirt is another stunning vintage Ohio t-shirt that’s sure to be a customer favorite. The t-shirt is specially made with a vintage aesthetic and designed to celebrate Ohio’s rich political history. 

The red carnation prominently displayed on the t-shirt is Ohio’s state flower, chosen to honor President William McKinley, a proud Ohioan who popularly wore a red carnation on his jacket.

The carnation t-shirt is sure to be a favorite among your history buff clients.

Glass City Script Women’s V-Neck Shirt

Glass City Script Women's V-neck Shirt

The list of things Toledo, Ohio has to be proud of is long. Being the glass capital of the world is high on that list, thus, the glass city t-shirt.

This isn’t just your typical v-neck t-shirt. We appreciate that there is something special about an excellent women's v-neck and that there are very few out there.

This is why we’ve gone through the trouble of having our glass city script v-neck t-shirts custom made for us by an L.A. manufacturer.

The t-shirt features a carefully selected cream-colored ink and a simple hand-illustrated cursive design to give it that much-loved vintage Ohio look and feel.

The Lucky to Be From Ohio T-shirt

Lucky to Be From Ohio Shirt

Like us, most Ohioans consider themselves very lucky to be from the Buckeye State. So, to celebrate our good fortune and Ohio pride, we designed the Lucky to Be From Ohio t-shirt.

Some may argue that it’s impossible to point out what makes a shirt lucky, but as your resident t-shirt experts, we can confidently say that there are four things that make a t-shirt lucky:

  • The fit and feel of the shirt
  • The design and print on the shirt
  • The person wearing the shirt
  • A special attachment or memory

We’ve already done the first two: we’ve created a stunning vintage Ohio tee with a soft green finish (and a clover to boot!). All that remains is for your clients to put on the t-shirts and form new memories and attachments with them.

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The Choose Kindness T-Shirt

Choose Kindness Shirt

A t-shirt can make a statement much in the same way an act of kindness can.

The right t-shirt can inspire you and your clients to exercise compassion. And what better way to promote messages of kindness than with a vintage Ohio tee?

We created the Choose Kindness t-shirt as a reminder to show compassion not just on World Kindness Day, but on every other day as well.

“...this shirt is incredibly comfortable...I love the message and the colors make it easy to dress up…”
- Kelly B

Toledo Museum of Art T-Shirt

Toledo Museum of Art Vintage Logo Shirt

One of Ohio's biggest attractions and sources of pride is the Toledo Museum of Art. The TMA, as we Toledoans like to call it, is located in the Old West End. Its reputation extends far beyond our borders with its collection of over 30,000 pieces, 45 galleries, and impressive campus.

We’ve partnered with the museum to create this vintage-inspired t-shirt, and keeping with the theme, also incorporated the museum's logo from 1908.

The vintage design coupled with the nostalgia this t-shirt invokes is guaranteed to make it a favorite for clients who've had the privilege to visit the Toledo Museum of Art. 

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Buckeye State Toddler T-Shirt and Baby Onesie

great in the buckeye state

We didn’t forget about the tots.

We’ve created a gaggle of vintage Ohio tees for younger kids to enjoy and show off their home state pride. 

We understand that kids’ shirts should be fun, creative, and reflect their youthful spirit, which is what we’ve strived for with this t-shirt and onesie.

They are hand-illustrated and printed by our in-house design team and printers to ensure the highest quality and that every t-shirt and onesie is made with love. 

The Buckeye State t-shirt and toddler onesie is guaranteed to be a hit among clients with young kids.

Wow Your Customers With the Perfect Vintage Tees

Our goal at Jupmode is to create quality, meaningful apparel. You might even say we’ve made a name for ourselves with our line of vintage t-shirts.

With over ten years of experience, we’ve accrued the knowledge and expertise to produce and vintage t-shirts to help promote your brand. 

We use the latest techniques and technologies in our printing to produce the best quality vintage t-shirts for your business.

Note: At Jupmode, we have a team of in-house experts to help with custom graphic design to ensure your brand truly stands out.

Whether you need vintage t-shirts to gift to your clients or use them as staff uniforms to boost engagement, you can rest assured that you’ll have only the best.

“Phenomenal experience buying a run of 65 t-shirts. Very fast responses… Finished product is of excellent quality.”
- Joe.

“[Jupmode] did an amazing job! Faster turnaround on our t-shirt order than I expected! I would highly recommend this company…”
- Patrick P.

testimonial from Allene S

No matter what your vintage t-shirt needs, look no further than Jupmode.

Contact us today to get your vintage Ohio t-shirt order started.

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