New Ohio and Michigan Kids Shirts

by Molly Joyce

To outsiders, it may seem a bit strange that we so proudly make shirts for Ohio and Michigan. But if you grew up in Northwest Ohio you know that it's normal to grow up in a household divided between Michigan and Ohio alliances. 

After all, Toledo was once part of Michigan

And at the end of the day, these two great states are more than a football rivalry. Don't get me wrong, the rivalry is a lot of fun, but we like to look past it to what is great about each state.

With this positivity in mind, we have a gaggle of new shirts for the young ones to grow up being proud of where they come from. 

Start your child's tie to to their respective state off early by picking up some of these soft and comfortable onesies and T-shirts.

Ohio Smiley Toddler Shirt & Baby Onesie

Ohio Smiley

All Ohio toddlers love to have fun, smile often, and wear comfy t-shirts that will take them from play-time to nap-time! 

This Ohio Smiley Toddler T-shirt is ready for it all. If Ohio makes you smile almost as much as your little one does, our Ohio Smiley onesie is here for you! 

Michigan Smiley Toddler Shirt & Baby Onesie

Michigan Smiley

Don't worry, if you live up north we've got you covered with the smiley design for the state shaped like a mitten.

Kids shirts are supposed to be fun, creative, and reflect their youthful spirit. These Michigan shirts do just that.

Illustrated by hand by our team of designers and printed by our crew of experienced screen printers, these tees and onesies were made with love.


Toledo Script Toddler Shirt & Baby Onesie

Toledo Script

Your little one can wear their 419 roots with this classic Toledo tee.

From Mud Hens baseball games to the Metroparks to Imagination Station, they'll love the comfort of this soft Toledo Script Toddler shirt all over town.

The Buckeye State Toddler Shirt & Baby Onesie

The Buckeye State

You know it. We know it. Your toddler will know it too. It is great to be in the Buckeye State!

They won't be this small and cute forever. They'll be able to say OH-IO before you know it.  

Outfit your favorite little guy or girl before their too cool to wear anything you got them. 

You can find all of these new designs on our website and in our Toledo Ohio stores!


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