What is a Lucky Shirt? (With Examples)

by John Amato

We all have a lucky shirt right? 

You know, that one shirt that we always seem to be wearing when things go well. It's unexplainable the way things just seem to work out your way when you're wearing it. 

There are a lot of shirts that could be lucky and it's different for everyone. 

You lucky shirt might be one that your parents got you while on vacation or one you wore the day your crush asked you out or a hand-me-down from your brother or grandpa or that shirt you've been wearing for 15 years that is softer than the rest and fits you just perfectly.

There are a lot of great shirts out there but there's nothing quite like your lucky shirt.

When you print as many t-shirts as we do, you spend a lot of time thinking about lucky shirts. We wonder every day, "Will this be someone's new lucky shirt?" Although we may never know what happens to a shirt after it leaves our hands, we're willing to bet more than one of our shirts has become a lucky shirt to someone.

What makes a shirt lucky? 

feelin lucky shirt

It's hard to say what makes a shirt lucky. It's not as simple as just being a green shirt or a St. Patrick's Day shirt

In the same way it's hard to define why someone might be lucky, it's hard to define why a shirt might be lucky. As your resident t-shirt experts, we would say the four reasons a shirt are lucky are the following:

  • The way it fits and feels
  • The design
  • The person wearing it
  • An attachment to a special person or memory

A t-shirt becomes something special when it makes you feel a certain way. The simple act of putting it on makes you feel different, better. A shirt has the ability to do that with the way it fits and feels, or with the design. When a shirt can imbue this confidence boost you get from feeling good, it leaps into the realm of being a lucky charm. 

Options three and four in the list above are both intangible. Despite this, they make the strongest case for making a shirt magical. 

A positive attitude can make all the difference in the world. After all, some people insist that luck is all about attitude. With the right positive mental attitude, everything can be a win and bring luck. 

In the same way that vintage shirts are special, an association with a special memory or person can make a shirt lucky. Wearing a shirt that previously brought you luck can make you feel lucky again.   

What do you think? Is there something else that makes a shirt lucky?

Lucky Ohio Shirts

lucky ohio shirt

By now you know that we're from Ohio. And we find ourselves to be very lucky to be from the Buckeye State. 

We know we're not alone in this belief. Which is why we've made it a point to design shirts with this message for people who love Ohio. The shirt that you see above was our first with this message. The tone on tone green print is as soft as the shirt.  

The message "Lucky to be from Ohio" is so meaningful to us that we created a brand new design with the phrase to be a part of our Ohio Shirt of the Month Club. This release of this design coincided with St. Patrick's Day so every member of our club received it in time to celebrate a day of green and Irish pride in it. 

lucky ohio shirt

Not All Lucky Shirts are Green

It's easy to get caught into the trap of all lucky shirts are green. Come St. Patrick's Day, the luckiest day of the year, everyone is wearing green. So it's natural to associate green shirts with luck. 

While there certainly is a strong connection between the two, a shirt doesn't have to be green or have "Luck" written in large, bold letters on it. It can take the form of all colors and designs. 

For instance, my lucky shirt is a shirt that I made when I first learned how to screen print. I was running a test on how to burn a screen with halftones and print them. Much to my surprise, the test came out great. This was a major point of pride for me and coincidentally is a strong memory. 

I attribute a lot of luck to my success with that print and feel that luck when I wear that shirt 10 years later. Oh, and the shirt is navy with a lime green print!

Design Your Own Lucky Shirt 

lucky shirt

The purpose of this article is to talk about some of the more common topics surrounding lucky shirts. We have "lucky" shirts as part of our retail brand and have printed many for our many customers. 

Our primary business is helping people bring their apparel ideas to life and making the process as easy as possible. From design to print to delivery, we help you every step of the way. 

If you’d like to have your very own custom lucky shirt screen (it doesn't have to be green!) to give you that extra boost of confidence, don’t wait to reach out to Jupmode


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