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Interested in custom patches for your company? (Elevate your brand with our most popular retail trend)

Interested in custom patches for your company? (Elevate your brand with our most popular retail trend)

Let's patch things up!

a zip hoodie, sweatshirt, ball cap, and winter beanie all with a custom midwest patch on them

If you want to keep your business on trend, patches are the way to go. It's our favorite decoration option right now and a huge hit with our custom customers.

From contractors to movers to coffee shops to realtors to schools, if you're looking for a clean, professional, stylish look, patches can't be beat. 

Patches are the perfect look for beanies and caps. We offer a wide variety of beanies and caps to top off your custom order.

The two most common patches that we apply to hats are woven and embroidered patches. The photos on this post show examples of embroidered patches. We use our embroidery machine to apply these to the hat or garment.

Patches are our most popular retail trend

Last summer we rolled out a line of apparel with patches with Midwest and Ohio themes. They were a huge hit.

Just like our embroidered crew sweatshirts, it's a look that a lot of people want for their company or brand. 

Ever since our retail launch, we've been adding patches to apparel for our custom clients on a weekly basis.

zip hoodie, trucker hat, and winter beanie with a state of ohio patch

The versatility of patches make them great

As we have shown in our retail brand, patches look good on a number of apparel items.

While we most commonly embroider them on hats and beanies, we receive a lot of requests to put them on sweatshirts, hoodies, zip ups, bags, and jackets. 

beanie with a patch on it with a scrip tol font and the shape of the state of ohio underneath

The minimum patch order is 50 patches. Since the sew file is the same regardless of the item we're putting it on, you can mix and match styles all you want. 

Interested in patches with your company logo?

Get in touch with us today. We'd love to help!

Fill out the form on our website or reach out directly to your rep to start your order! 

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