Prom Themes: 5 Ideas to Help You Stand Out

by John Amato

An outstanding prom theme will bring the most awaited high school experience to life. It’ll set the tone for the celebration of years of learning, friendship, and high-school spirit, and create life-long memories.

Ask anyone who attended prom night, and they'll tell you all the details about that night—the venue, the dress or tux they wore, their date for the night. What’s more, almost everyone has pictures and home videos of prom to remind them of this important high school tradition.

As part of the prom planning committee, you want to pick a theme that:

  • Resonates with the student body
  • Creates a magical and memorable night
  • Encourages a fun and exciting night

These five prom theme ideas will help you stand out and create a perfect backdrop for all prom pictures and videos.

1 - Create the Ultimate Ambiance With Lively Backdrops

customized prom shirt

A beautiful backdrop will complement your prom theme and add a tinge of elegance while enhancing the decor.

Backdrops set the mood for your evening since you can style them with your preferred theme and colors. They also hide unsightly backgrounds at your venue and transform it into the formal ball event that you desire.

One way to create a stunning backdrop is by decorating a wall at your venue with beautiful fabrics, flowers, or paintings.

Some other ideas for creating eye-catching backdrops include:

  • Taping a decorative fabric on the ceiling
  • Hanging DIY paper chains across the room
  • Arranging fairy lights to make special shapes, like hearts

The table below lists some dynamic backdrops that fit different prom themes.

Prom Themes Backdrop Ideas
  • Gold fabric background
  • Spotlights
  • Giant carnival masks
  • Black and gothic decorations
  • Draped purple and black fabrics
  • Haystacks
  • Garden florals
  • Organic textures like stumps
  • Bamboo huts
  • Greenery decor
  • Animal prints

2 - Use a Hashtag to Personalize Prom Decorations

Hashtags are a cool way to engage high school teens and create excitement on prom night.

Adding a custom hashtag to your decor will help the teens share their experiences and photos on social media. It’s also a fun way to ensure your prom decorations resonate with the student body since hashtags are a trendy way to encourage interaction among them.

The best place to add a hashtag is on the photo booth decor. This will create memories for the students since the hashtag will appear on the photos and videos captured on prom night.

You can add a custom hashtag to your photo booth by:

  • Gluing die-cut letters on it to create a 3D effect
  • Hanging letter balloons on it
  • Draping it with custom printed fabrics

To help you brainstorm, here are some hashtag inspirations based on different prom themes:

  • Far East Asian-inspired theme: #asianprom, #shanghaisecrets
  • Paris theme: #parisvibes, #promparisstyle
  • New York City theme: #phenomenal, #nypromnight

Such hashtags will create intrigue around your night and make your students feel like they're truly part of a special evening.

When the students use the hashtag to share their anticipation of prom on social media, they'll create a fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) feeling among their peers. This will encourage a high prom turnout since none of the students will want to miss out on such an exciting evening.

Expert Tip: A customized giant photo frame will also go a long way in creating memorable photos for prom. Customize your photo frame by adding image stickers related to the theme on it or writing your prom hashtag in bold letters at the top of the frame.

3 - Give Customized Memorable Keepsakes

Customized prom gifts are a great and memorable way to foster high school spirit and pride. They stand out from generic gifts like flowers and serve as a reminder to the students of that lively prom night.

Custom prom shirts make the perfect gifts since they connect students to prom and can also be worn and styled casually even after the students leave high school. What’s more, prom shirts are unisex, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of picking different gifts for girls and boys.

Customizing shirts with your prom theme will make a beautiful creative design that your student will want to wear often.

Jupmode is a clothing store based in the Midwest, which can help you create cool prom memorabilia for your school. Our experienced in-house graphic designers will help you create a simple but fun design that resonates with your prom theme and delights the students.

Order prom shirts from Jupmode in your school’s colors, and the students will connect with their high school roots every time they wear the t-shirts.

Check out these high school prom shirts we made for Southview High School and Ottawa Hills High School based on their prom themes.

safari theme high school prom shirt

Grecian theme high school prom shirt

4 - Add an Eye-Catching Prom Feature

An eye-catching feature will add a creative twist to your prom theme and make it unique. It’ll immerse the students and transport them to a different time and place.

Use an identifying decor item that resonates with your theme as your main feature.

For example, for a Broadway prom theme, you can place a large black inch prop TV with tragedy faces on either side at the entrance of your venue. For a casino prom, place giant poker cards, and for a night-under-the-stars theme, decorate your entrance with large gold stars.

This will introduce your theme from the entrance of the venue and build excitement and optimism for a great night. An impressive feature at the entrance will also make it picture-worthy since the entryway also doubles up as a photo area.

To ensure your theme has a strong presence and leaves an impression on your guests, customize the prom feature with your theme colors.

You can do so by ordering a stunning feature that matches your theme colors from an online store, or by making a DIY feature if you’re on a tight budget.

Readily available supplies like cardboard, paint, and glitter can help you make a beautiful feature that enhances your theme.

photo snippet prom themes ideas to help you stand out

5 - Be Creative With the Lighting

Lighting can help create an enchanting atmosphere that transforms your prom night into a magical experience. Lighting gives depth and ambiance to your venue and helps create a mood.

For example, lighting with blue accents will have a calming and relaxing effect on your students, which will help the students enjoy the night. It’ll also highlight your prom decorations and create a visual experience that transforms your hall into a romantic setting or starry night, depending on your theme.

Here are some creative lighting ideas to get you started:

  • Mirrored disco ball: This will spread light across the room and make your space feel bigger. Create a lovely party atmosphere by hanging a mirrored disco ball in the middle of the dance floor. The disco ball will reflect all your prom theme colors captured in the fabrics and decorations across your venue.
  • LED up lights: Up lights create light columns along a wall’s length, which adds depth to plain walls. Light columns will also make your venue hall appear wider and have higher ceilings. Use different color combinations to create the ultimate party atmosphere.
  • Flameless LED tea lights: Create luminaries for walkways along the entrance using flameless LED tea lights. This will help brighten the space further and make your students feel special as they join the formal party.

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