High School Prom and After Prom Shirts (With Examples)

by John Amato

One of the most memorable events in any high school calendar is prom. And it feels like prom sneaks up on us earlier and earlier every year. 

Prom season, for us, means printing all of the fun prom and after prom shirts that schools design for the dance. We always love to see how creative the students can get with their prom designs and themes!

We've been printing custom prom shirts for quite a while. Check this one out from 2013 (and marvel at how much cell phone cameras have improved over the years).

st ursula high school prom shirts

In this article we will show you examples of the high school prom shirts we've printed for high schools over the years and explain the following:

  • What we like about each design
  • The many ways simple designs rule the day
  • The beneifts of printing on soft t-shirts
  • Prom theme ideas that you can use

A Night in the Fairy Tale Forest Prom Shirts 

whitmer prom shirts 2022

We love it when a shirt comes together as perfectly as this prom shirt for Whitmer High School. The design, the colors, the shirt, the print, it all works well together. 

We often find that many high school prom designs are rushed. Whitmer brought this to us in early March. Being so prepared really paid off. 

In this instance, the design is polished yet simple. Whitmer brought the original design idea and colors to us, our creative team put a few finishing touches on it, and production did the rest. 

Creating a shirt that students actually want to wear adds to the excitement of the event and makes it more memorable. We see a lot of shirt design on a daily and weekly basis. We always have more fun when we print cool shirts like this. 

Southview High School Prom Shirts 

southview high school prom shirts

We are firm believers that simple shirt designs are often the best. Don't overcomplicate things if you don't need to!

This Sylvania Southview prom shirt is a great example of an effective simple design. In addition to only printing on the front chest of the shirt, they kept the design to a one color black print on a light blue shirt.

By choosing these colors and print location, the design is clear and memorable. Incidentally, the fewer colors and locations in a shirt design, the less expensive the shirt is. So not only does Southview have a great shirt design here, but they're saving money with it, too!

Grecian Nights Prom Shirts 

ottawa hills high school prom shirts

We've been working with Ottawa Hills High School for quite a while. If you look back up to the top at the first photo, you can see that we've come a long way with them. Not only are our photos a higher quality, but the designs have improved substantially, as well.

It says a lot that we've been working with Ottawa Hills for so long. They trust us to print quality shirts, deliver them on time, and provide them at a reasonable cost for their students. 

And we enjoy working with Ottawa Hills. They understand our system, are easy to work with, and give us plenty of time to print the shirts.

The Grecian Nights prom theme for there 2022 shirts is another example of a simple design with a great color palette. We'll say it again - simple designs and color combinations can't be beat.

Masquerade Ball Prom Shirts

toledo christian prom shirts

We've helped Toledo Christian with everything from custom coffee mugs to senior class shirts to bowling shirts. This is the first year that we've printed prom shirts for them. 

The great thing about working with a school over several years is that things get easier over time. We get to know their school logos and colors, they get to know our workflow better, and we both understand expectations. It's a win-win to build long term, mutually beneficial relationships. 

Toledo Christian works with us because they know we'll get the job done on time and produce high quality screen printed t-shirts. They also love that our graphic designers can refine their ideas and provide creative design ideas to bring their design to life.     

For our money, you can't go wrong with a heather purple shirt. It works with so many different colors and looks good any time of year. We love the color choices in this Masquerade Ball themed shirt. They work perfectly together and make a shirt that these students will surely want to wear again. 

Prom and After Prom Theme Ideas

It's always fun and challenging choosing a Prom theme. Here are some theme ideas to help you get your creative ideas flowing. 

  • Party at Gatsby's
  • Under the Sea
  • A Night in Paris
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Surfing Safari
  • Glitz Glam Met Gala
  • Poker Night
  • Midnight Express
  • The Academy Awards

Design Your High School Prom And After Prom Shirts With Jupmode

As you have seen, we've been printing high school prom shirts for quite some time. 

These shirts have the ability to be a memorable keepsake for all of the students who attend for years to come. Prom is a special event for everyone who attends. T-shirts fit the theme and are a simple giveaway that are part of the experience. 

If you’re on the planning committee for prom and looking for a printer who has the experience to print your shirts quickly and well, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jupmode

Here’s what Deborah had to say after getting her custom screen printed shirts:

Jupmode is simply the best! They may be a small business here in town but they are big in heart. I'm very grateful for the help our non-profit received from Jupmode. Always professional, friendly, with great quality and service. Thank you so much and may you have many more years of success!
Deborah M.


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