Our New Embroidery Machine Is Ready To Help You With Your Next Custom Order! (Custom Embroidery in Ohio)

by Molly Joyce

When in doubt, embroider! 

Jodi embroidering sweatshirts on our new embroidery machine

Our embroidery department has had a busy year!

With the rising popularity and demand for custom embroidered items - polos, bags, jackets, crew sweatshirts, patches, and, especially hats - we made the decision to bring in another embroidery machine to take on even more embroidery projects.

This was a big step for us. It was only two years ago that we brought in our first big, new embroidery machine and hired an embroiderer with 20 years experience

How Our Embroidery Business Grew So Much

While most people know us as a retail brand or just a screen printing company, our most significant growth in the last six months has come in embroidery. 

It's been a great add on service to offer our current customers. It's very common that organizations, small businesses, schools, and individuals that come to us for custom t-shirts also need that same logo or design embroidered. Here is an example of a landscaping company that we've worked with for years that ordered shirts and hats for their employees in the spring.  

Our current customers, both in Toledo and out, have relied on us for a long time and they trust our screen printing work and know that we will offer the same reliable, quality work in embroidery. 

We can also tip our hat to our retail brand for a boost in custom embroidery orders. Our pigment dyed embroidered crew sweatshirts were a huge hit in 2020 and their classic, simple style has translated to businesses and schools.

Jupmode custom embroidered sweatpants on the embroidery machine

New Embroidery Machine, New Capabilities

Just like our original machine, our new machine can embroider up to 6 items at a time. While we were expecting to add capacity to our embroidery department this year, it was a surprise to make the jump to another six head machine. 

The new machine gives us the ability to run multiple jobs at once, dedicate a machine to caps (which requires a separate driver) or personalization, and, most importantly, provides a wider sewing field. 

We are very excited that this machine is slightly wider and can take on even larger embroidery designs than we previously could! This is especially important for all of the crew sweatshirts we have been embroidering in the last year. Oftentimes the designs on these sweatshirts are 10"-12" wide. This new machine allows us to hoop these up on the machines with ease and prevents us from restricting your creative artwork. 

If you have an embroidery design that is wide or has a high stitch count, we're ready for you!

Busy with embroidery! Two embroidery machines to help with custom embroidery and retail

Are You In Need Of Custom Embroidery? We Can Help!

Our team can provide expert advice on garments, design, and more to get you the customized apparel you and your team will love. 

We provide graphic design services up front and have the embroidery experience to handle all of your custom branded needs. 

If you want to see our embroidery machine in action, check out these videos of embroidering hats and our pigment dyed crew sweatshirts!

We can't wait to help you with your next embroidery project!

Email us today at info@jupmode.com or fill out the contact form on our custom services page to get started with an order!


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    My pastor is being elevated to the office of Bishop. I am in need of 2 patches…..they need to be 6×6 in size. My cell is 419.350.5100 Thanks and hope to hear form you soon. Would need the patched by August 9, 2023.

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