Looking for embroidery near you? Look no further.

by john amato

Are you looking for an easy way to promote your business? Try putting your logo on apparel! 

Custom embroidery is perfect for a more business professional look. We work with businesses all over Ohio to create high quality embroidered goods to promote their brand. 

toledo humane society sweatshirt on an embroidery machine

Embroidered apparel is great for employees and customers. If your employees are in front of your customers all day, embroidered polos, jackets, and hats give them a more professional look than a screen printed t-shirt. They are also effective in a variety of business settings. Everyone from sales to HR to project management to finance can represent your company well in embroidered apparel.

Simple embroidered items make great gifts for customers. Unisex items that are one size fits all are the easiest and best choice. The most common items are hats and bags. 

Featured in the photo above is a custom embroidered job we did for the Toledo Humane Society 🐶🐱🐱. We have been working with the Humane Society for over five years. We love working with them as much as we love their mission.

Our relationship with the Toledo Hume Society started out just with screen printed t-shirts. When we added embroidery to our in house decoration services two years ago, we started to do new embroidery work for them. 

The Toledo Humane Society recently updated their brand guidelines. We love their new logo and colors!

Do you have an upcoming embroidery project? Email us at info@jupmode.com or fill out our contact form to get your order started.


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