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Custom logo trucker hats for lawn and landscape company [Custom Embroidery]

Custom logo trucker hats for lawn and landscape company [Custom Embroidery]

embroidered trucker hat with gray front and bill and neon yellow mesh with grounds co logo on left panel


One of our long time lawn care customers came to us this year and added embroidered hats to their order. We have been screen printing safety green t-shirts for GroundsCo for over five years.

It's great to have a consistent company that is easy to work with. It feels even better that they appreciate our work so much that they added hats onto their order.

We were able to move these hats into production quickly and affordably for them because we have worked with them so much in the past. We've developed a solid relationship with them and clear communication.

Since this was a new job for us, prior to embroidering the hats, we made sure to provide artwork proofs ahead of time that accurately depicted what they would look like when complete. 

Our experience in decorating custom safety apparel for not just landscaping companies but also construction and contracting companies, aided in our ability to produce quality embroidered hats.

It's important for GroundsCo to have their employees wearing company work shirts and hats. It helps to effectively identify employees on the jobsite and keeps them clean and professional in front of customers. It's also a nice perk for employees to not have to worry about providing their own uniform for work.

The bright neon yellow mesh on the hats and matching embroidery thread add to the visibility of the safety shirts that they ordered. It's an added bonus that they hats are in GroundsCo brand colors but they are just as much about keeping employees safe as they are about looking good.

Jupmode has been screen printing and embroidering custom safety t-shirts and hats for lawn and landscaping companies for nearly ten years. We have the expertise to know how to make your brand look good and keep your employees safe.

Reach out to us today to help with your order of safety apparel for your company.

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