Getting Started With Custom Embroidered Polos: A Simple Buyers Guide

by John Amato

The polo shirt we know and love today was first designed by tennis player Jean Rene Lacoste in 1929. At that time, tennis players wore a button-down shirt and tie, but Lacoste wanted something more breathable and lightweight with only three buttons for maximum comfort and convenience.

Since then, the polo shirt has become so popular that it’s now the most sought-after category of clothing after t-shirts, and it can be worn in both formal and casual settings.

Custom embroidered polos—an excellent choice for corporate wear—are a versatile and necessary addition to your work wardrobe.

Thanks to Jupmode’s embroidery capabilities, our custom embroidered polo shirts provide more than the regular versatility and convenience of these shirts:

  • They promote brand awareness.
  • They have a sharp, elegant look.
  • They promote unity in your organization by featuring your logo.
  • They feature rich colors that will stay vibrant after many washes.

Now, let’s dive deeper into custom embroidered polos and see why they’re a crucial must-have. We’ll also take a look at their price ranges:

What Is a Custom Embroidered Polo Shirt?

A custom embroidered polo shirt is a polo specifically made to your liking. Its surface is embellished with your decoratively stitched logo, name, or initials.

custom embroidered polo shirt

Important Features of Custom Embroidered Polos

  • More fabric options: Embroidered polos can be made with a variety of tightly woven ​even-weave fabrics, like cotton, rayon, linen, and polyester blends.
  • Multiple locations: Embroidery can be added to different locations, including the shirt’s front, back, left chest, or sleeve.
  • Many color options: Color blocking is popular, and one polo shirt can feature up to 15 colors to represent your brand.
  • Different styles: Embroidered polos come in several styles, including solid color, V-neck, with side vents, and featuring the traditional three-button placket.

Why Should You Buy Custom Embroidered Polos?

  • Durability: The embroidered design is physically stitched into the polo shirt, ensuring it lasts for a lifetime and withstands everyday wear.
  • Promotes a professional image: The crisp, finished look of your custom embroidered polo shirt will exude professionalism and high company standards.
  • Excellent customer incentives: Gifting the customized polo shirts to customers will help build your brand’s loyalty and awareness.

Custom embroidered polos are a great investment because they’ll retain value for as long as you’re in business.

Polos are also super versatile and suit a wide range of working environments, whether it be a home office or a construction site.

polos are also super versatile

Advantages and Benefits of Custom Embroidered Polos

1 - Custom Embroidered Polos Create a Strong Sense of Identity

Investing in custom embroidered polo shirts is the best way to give your brand and employees immediate identification and recognition.

Customers who interact with your employees at corporate events, conventions, and workshops will be able to quickly identify who they work for and know who to reach out to for assistance.

2 - Custom Embroidered Polos Are a Perfect Fit

Custom polos are a perfect fit since they are available from so many different brands and in so many different styles. You're sure to find one of your liking, in the colors you prefer, and at your price point. 

As a fashionable and elegant piece of clothing, a well-fitting polo will also showcase your brand in a positive light.

3 - Embroidery Lasts for Years

Durability is one of the greatest advantages of custom embroidered polos. Since embroidery is done using thread, the design on your polos will be long lasting. That’s because:

  • The colors won’t fade after several washes.
  • The embroidery edges stay intact.
  • The image won’t crack or dissolve when washing.

However, ensure that you’re working with an embroidery company like Jupmode who use the highest quality thread and techniques for your polos to last forever.

"I would recommend Jupmode for anyone looking for quality clothes and excellent customer service."
- Matthew S

Our embroiderer, Jodi, has 20+ years of experience in the industry and displays the highest level of professionalism and is exceptionally thorough in her work.

Check out the video below to see how we embroider our shirts.

3 Common Features of Custom Embroidered Polos

our embroidery machines at work

To choose the right custom embroidered polo, you need to know about their unique features. Let’s discuss three primary features below:

1 - Custom Embroidered Polo Fabric

If you want your embroidered logo or initials to look elegant and last a long time, it’s crucial to consider the type of fabric used for the polo itself.

The best custom embroidered polo shirts are made using three major fabric categories, shown in the table below:

Fabric Property
100% Cotton - Breathable, lightweight, soft, and wearable
- Con: Naturally dyed fibers that make the polo shirt fade over time
- Natural fibers wrinkle easily
100% Polyester - Made using synthetic fibers that are strong and won’t crease or fade when washed
- Wicks away moisture easily, keeping your body cool
- Ideal for high visibility (Hi-Vis) clothing
- Con: Non-absorbent 
Cotton/Polyester Blend Most recommended fabric choice for custom embroidered polos
- Jupmode’s choice fabric for embroidered polos
- Cotton makes it breathable, lightweight, and gives it a soft quality finish
- Polyester adds durability, moisture-wicking capabilities, and minimizes its fading

2 - Custom Embroidered Polo Styles

Jupmode’s custom embroidered polos come in all shapes and sizes. Tell us what your preferred style is, and we’ll handle the rest.

Below are some of the different polo styles we offer:

  • Short sleeve polos: The traditional polo shirt. Formal enough for the office, but also casual enough for the weekend
  • Long sleeve polos: Can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion
  • Moisture-wicking polos: Keeps you cool and dry when active. Great for sports, construction uniforms, and corporate apparel
  • Pocket polos: Provides extra storage and adds flair to your company’s branded polos

3 - Logo Placement

A logo is the face of a brand or a company, and when well positioned, it increases brand awareness and visibility.

Logo placement will vary depending on the shirt’s style, your preference, the logo’s size, and the nature of your work.

The most popular logo placement locations include the left or right chest area, as it’s the most recognizable to the customer’s eyes. Other standard placement options are the shirt’s back, on the sleeve, and the yoke—just below the collar on the back.

polo shirts with logos on the left chest

Price Range for Custom Embroidered Polos

The cost of your custom embroidered polos will depend on several factors, including:

  • The number of polos ordered
  • The size of your logo
  • The complexity of your logo’s design
  • The cost of the blank polo shirt

Once these factors are considered, you’ll receive a flat rate cost.

Fill out our customer quote request form to get a quick no-obligation quote for your order.

Custom Embroidery vs Custom Screen Printing - What’s the Difference?

lady in an embroidered beanie and printed hoodie

Both custom embroidery and custom screen printing are great choices for your apparel, but they have unique features that are compared in the table below:

Custom Embroidery Custom Screen Printing
Uses needles and thread to create a design or pattern directly into your polo shirt Ink layers are added to your polo shirt using a mesh screen
Great for smaller logos and designs. Large logos can be thick and heavy on the garment Ideal for big and bold designs since they can be scaled to fit any size

Ideal for heavier garments like polos, jackets, business shirts, and beanies Best choice for thin and stretchy garments like t-shirts, tank tops, and sweatshirts
Flat-rate cost that mainly depends on the number of stitches used Cost varies and depends on the color count

Read More: Embroidery and Screen Printing: Your Company’s Guide to Merchandising

Types of Other Custom Embroidered Apparel

Gifting your customers and dressing your employees with a variety of custom embroidered apparel will help you meet their individual needs and promote your brand awareness further.

For instance, a customer may prefer branded accessories to clothing apparel, finding it easier to style a hat than a polo shirt.

Here are a few embroidered pieces from Jupmode that will complement your custom embroidered polos:

Get Your Custom Embroidered Polos Today

Polo shirts are super versatile, comfortable, and can be worn on any occasion. A custom embroidered polo shirt will keep your employees looking sharp and crisp while promoting your brand and services to your customers.

At Jupmode, we’ll help you customize and embroider your polo according to your preferences. Our embroidery experts will ensure that your custom polo stands out and speaks for your brand, even when you’re away. And if you’d like a new logo for your brand, our in-house graphic designers will help bring your ideas to life.

All you need to do is to fill out our custom order form and we’ll take it from there. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further inquiries or clarifications. Our team of experts will get back to you in no time.

“Jupmode was always very responsive and recommended a great, comparable shirt when the brand I selected was out of stock."
- Eric P

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