7 Embroidered Hat Designs for Every Midwestern Shindig

by John Amato

The humble hat, in its various shapes and forms, serves many purposes. A simple beanie can be just the thing to tie your outfit together on a chilly night out downtown. 

A baseball cap is exactly what you need to keep the sun out of your eyes as you chant your home team's war cry at the victory party. 

Beyond these practical functions, hats can also be fashionable statement pieces that communicate your opinions and sentiments to the world. 

Today we’ll show you seven embroidered hat designs by Jupmode that are perfect for every Midwestern shindig. Among them, we’ll look at:

  • A cap for your trips to the lake
  • A beanie perfect for Vacationland
  • A cap steeped in ‘Holy Toledo’ history

1 - The Great Lakes Great Times Dad Hat for Your Trips to the Lakes

navy great lakes great times dad hat

Are you stumped about what to give your favorite Midwesterner for Christmas? Well, we've got the solution—the Great Lakes Great Times dad hat.

The Toledo Patch Beanie is the perfect accessory to help keep the sun out of their eyes when they're out on the water in the summer. 

The Midwest is truly unique because of the Great Lakes. They aren't just one of the largest sources of freshwater in the world, they're also the largest source of great times in the world!

Growing up around the Midwest you know that every day spent on or near the lakes was sure to be a good time.

Whether you're heading up north in Michigan or Minnesota, this hat will get the good times rolling.

2 - The Ohio Smiley Dad Hat for Midwest Festivals

embroidered ohio state smile hat

If you're a true Midwesterner, you love the seasons. The changing colors, the first warm spring day, a fresh snow fall. 

It's these little things that are unique to the Midwest that make it special. Thinking about them make you smile. 

This Ohio dad cap pays tribute to all of things that make you happy about being from Ohio

3 - Ope! Denim Hat for Every Family Cookout

Ope! Denim Hat by Jupmode

We made the Ope! Denim Hat with every Midwesterner in mind. After all, "ope" is not only one of the most used words in our vocabulary but also one of the things that make us uniquely Midwestern. 

The hat features an adjustable strap with a metal grommet and an unstructured six-panel design for a comfy fit. 

This is what makes the Ope! Denim Hat the perfect accessory for famous Midwestern family cookouts. It conveys Midwestern pride with a phrase familiar to all Midwesterners, sort of like an inside joke. 

Grab yourself the Ope! Denim Hat and be the belle of the ball at your next family cookout or day in town. 

Psst! This hat will make a great gift for the Midwesterners in your life, no matter the occasion, and is guaranteed to get the most out of those Midwestern Goodbyes

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4 - The Holy Toledo Hat for Baseball Games

Holy Toledo Hat by Jupmode

Holy Toledo is probably the most well-known phrase associated with Toledo, even for non-Toledoans. Indeed, it wouldn't be a surprise to hear someone exclaim, “Holy Toledo!” in surprise or excitement anywhere in the US. 

Even more interesting is the history of the expression “Holy Toledo.” 

The most commonly accepted origin story of the phrase for non-Toledoans comes from the 1960s Batman television series. Robin repeatedly used “Holy” expressions, most notably, "Holy Toledo, Batman!".

But this isn’t the only origin story out there. Our research has led us to a few more that make us love the phrase even more.

Here's we tell you all about them. 

More recently, however, the phrase has gained popularity in association with the Toledo Mud Hens baseball team—a popular local team for over a hundred years. 

This rich history makes the Holy Toledo Hat the perfect accessory for any Midwestern shindig, especially a Toledo Mud Hens game or victory party. 

Not only is this hat fashionable, its “Holy Toledo” saying makes it a source of intrigue and party trivia. 

Grab a Holy Toledo Hat to show off your hometown love and home team spirit.

5 - Ohio Embroidered Beanie for the Winter Wonderland Parties

Ohio Embroidered Beanie by Jupmode

No one throws a winter wonderland party like the Ohioans do. It's no wonder we’ve been nicknamed the Winter Wonderland State. From the Steubenville Nutcracker Village to the Christmas Ranch, it's clear that winter wonderland is baked into our culture. 

What better way to experience an Ohioan winter wonderland than with this Ohio Embroidered Beanie?

The beanie is made from 100% acrylic and has a tight-knit and cuffed hem, perfect for staying cozy through any winter party. Its simple, yet elegant, design also fits perfectly with most outfits and transitions seamlessly from casual everyday wear to winter wonderland shindigs.

“Awesome as always!”
- Jo-Anne C. | ★★★★★

6 - Michigan Vacationland Patch Beanie for Outdoor Adventures

Michigan Vacationland Patch Beanie by Jupmode

If you had the privilege of growing up in or spending some time in Michigan, you know there’s nothing better than spending a day in Michigan's great outdoors.

This holds true even when the weather is a little chilly because Michigan has no shortage of fun activities to get into. Indeed, Michigan has you covered for all outdoor adventures—from ice fishing and skiing to a warm campfire at a national park. 

So, before you head to your next outdoor Michigan trip to the lake, grab a Michigan Vacationland Patch Beanie and stay cozy through the whole party. 

Also, check out our other Michigan-inspired hats.

Retro Michigan Patch Beanie

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Michigan Felt Hat

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Michigan Embroidered Beanie

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7 - Cardinal Patch Hat for Picnic Parties

Cardinal Patch Cord Hat by Jupmode

Complete your Midwestern picnic party outfit with this stunning Cardinal Patch Cord Hat. The hat offers a timeless aesthetic with its cozy, dark green corduroy and low profile, unstructured design. 

The hat will also protect you from the sun while letting you show off your hometown pride through the embroidered cardinal on the front. 

Fun fact: The Northern Cardinal is the official state bird of seven states. That's more than any other bird. Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Viriginia all share a love for the Cardinal. 

Hat design specially made for every midwestern

Midwestern-Themed Hats From Jupmode

So there you have it. Seven incredible embroidered hat designs perfect for every Midwestern shindig. But that's not where it ends. 

At Jupmode, our Midwestern pride drives us to continuously create fun apparel, like our embroidered hats and beanies, to celebrate Midwestern culture and history. There are a few things that make us the best in the game, including:

  • Over ten years of experience in the industry
  • Top-of-the-line embroidery technology 
  • A staff of proud Midwesterners 

These qualities help us to produce the best hat designs and apparel. For instance, consider these three examples of our two-tone embroidered khaki hats. 

Ohio The Buckeye State Hat

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Explore Toledo Patch Hat

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Up North Hat

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Visit Jupmode for the best embroidered hat designs, and show off your Midwestern pride. To make your purchase, pop into one of our retail stores or place an order from our online store today.

"Jupmode is simply the best. They may be a small business here in town, but they are big in heart. Always professional, friendly, with great quality and service."
- Deborah M. | ★★★★★

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