Michigan Hats and Beanies for the True Michigander

by John Amato

Michigan hats and beanies have been some of our most requested items. If you're a proud Michigander and you're looking for new headwear for any season, you've come to the right place.

Hats are one of the most popular retail trends right now. And there's good reason for that. 

Both men and women wear hats, they're one size fits all, and they're good in every season. This combination of function and fashion makes them perfect for showing your personal style. 

The other great thing about hats is that they are embroidered. And embroider can come in a lot of different forms that makes hats unique. From straight embroidery to patches to felt applique, each method is fun in its own right. 

Without further ado, here are our three hats and beanies designed for people from the state of Michigan

Michigan Felt Hat

retro michigan hat with felt letters

Nothing says retro cool like felt letters. They give that old school look and feel of your grandpas well loved varsity sweater. 

We love the MI felt letters on this green and white Michigan dad hat because they give the cap a little extra depth and texture. In addition to the felt letters on the front, the shape of the state of Michigan is embroidered on the left side. 

Great for the Michigan outdoors and Saturdays in Lansing during foodtball season, this Michigan hat is both simple and comfy.

State of Michigan Embroidered Beanie

state of michigan beanie

Without a doubt, you know there are a lot of options when it comes to Michigan clothing. Despite all of these options, we're sure you feel like the market is dominated by maize and blue for the University of Michigan. 

If that's what you're looking for, that great. We love UM and Ann Arbor as much as the next person. But if you want to wear your Michigan pride but do it for the state, not the university, sometimes it's tough to find good options. 

That's where our Michigan beanie comes in. It's soft, it's subtle, it's comfy. And it's made for those that don't mind a little blue but identify with the Mitten more than the Big House. 

Our embroidered Michigan beanie is a tight knit acrylic material with a relaxed fit and cuffed hem. One size fits most and, of course, we designed and embroidered this in-house.

Michigan Vacationland Patch Beanie

michigan patch beanie

Michiganders know there is no better place to be than Up North. It's this part of the state that gives Michigan the title of the All-Season Vacationland. 

To be honest, it's a little surprising when people who aren't from the Midwest are so surprised that Northern Michigan is just as great of a place to visit in the summer as it is the winter. They don't know about the skiing, the lakes, the quaint vacation towns, the hikes, the camping, and everything else Up North has to offer. 

We feel bad for them. 

Our Michigan Vacationland Patch Beanie pays tribute to this wonderful place. It's a relaxed fit, cuffed, and features a rectangular patch that we carefully sew on to each hat ourselves. 

Retro Michigan Patch Beanie

michigan beanie

Are you looking for something will an old school charm to it? 

Our Retro Michigan Patch Beanie not only has a retro look to it but it also feels decades old in that soft, worn-in way that you love. 

The design, colors, and feel of this hat will transport you back in time and give you a classic look that never goes out of style. 

Where to Buy Michigan Hats and Beanies

If you keep shopping at the same old stores, you're going to find all of the same old stuff. If you're looking for something new and fresh, you're in the right spot. 

All of our Michigan hats and beanies are designed and decorated by us in-house.

That's right - not only do we have a creative team that plans out every detail of the design, but they work hand and hand with our production team to bring that vision to life. 

You can find all of our state of Michigan gifts in our retail store and online at Jupmode.com.

What People Say About our Michigan Clothing

We take a lot of pride in the Michigan clothing that we create. It's important to us that we create high quality apparel that lives up to your standards and honors the great state of Michigan. 

The good news is, our customers agree.

"I would definitely buy again from Jupmode! The product is very good quality and I received my shipment quickly and with no issues. Great small business!!" 
- Verified Buyer

"I love this crewneck & get so many compliments on it as well. The fit is super relaxed so size down if you don't want to be swallowed up in it. The colors are my favorite though. They look amazing in person & the embroidery is a neat touch."
- Natalie T.


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