Vacation Bible School Shirt Examples

by John Amato

Vacation Bible School is a popular summer event at churches across the country. While a lot of summer camps are geared towards sports, science, art, and the outdoors, VBS provides an opportunity for children to connect in fun ways with their church community when school is out of session. 

As we've mentioned previously, custom summer camp shirts keep us busy after school is out. Vacation Bible Schools are part of that camp shirt rush. 

The designs for VBS shirts oftentimes have very colorful and creative themes. Custom shirts with this theme are a great item for children at VBS because they are a memento for campers to remember their experience. 

Zoar Lutheran VBS Shirts

zoar lutheran vacation bible school shirt

While a lot of Vacation Bible School designs have a lot of colors, Zoar Lutheran in Perrysburg keeps it simple with a one color print.

We beat the drum that simple shirt designs are the best designs. Zoar chooses a one color print because the colors have a strong contrast making it easy to read and because one color designs are more cost effective. 

The theme for this shirt is a lot of fun. Who doesn't love food trucks?! It's sure to be a shirt that the children will get a lot of use out of.

We've been helping Zoar with their Vacation Bible School shirts for the last several years. They're great to work with and know that we produce high quality shirts and handle their orders in a timely manner. 

Redemption City Church VBS Shirts

redemption city church shirt

We've been working with Redemption City Church since their inception. 

Their shirt designs are often single color and vintage style prints. For VBS they accomplished both a simple design and retro look with four colors. It's a great example of how a simple design does not necessarily mean only one print color.

This shirt is a prime example of using a shirt color that complements the ink colors. They chose a soft, ring-spun cotton shirt in sage green (whcih is a gray green). 

It's a classic design that will always be in style.  

Five Lakes Church Summer Blast

fives lakes church vacation bible school shirts

When it comes to consistent branding and clean designs, Five Lakes Church is always on top of it. We're a little biased since our sales rep Tony is a member of the church and assists with designs.

This Summer Blast Five Lakes Kids design is a great shirt because:

  • it's printed on a soft, ring spun cotton shirt
  • it utilizes three different ink colors yet maintains a clear message
  • it consists of colors that anyone of any age can wear

Vacation Bible School shirts are the perfect item for children to remember the experiences and lessons of the camp. By offering a fun, comfy, stylish shirt like Five Lakes Church has, the kids will maintain these memories as long as they have the shirt.

Make Your Vacation Bible School Shirts With Jupmode

Vacation Bible School shirts are our indication that summer is in full swing. We work with churches and religious organizations of all types throughout the year.

The VBS shirts are fun for us because the designs are creative and they're for the kids. 

VBS shirts are a memorable keepsake for all of the children who are lucky enough to go on their break from school. No matter what the camp is - scouts, vacation bible school, athletic, or outdoors - these kids will make memories that last a lifetime. And maybe they'll even get a shirt that will last until they grow out of it! 

If you’re part of the team for your Vacation Bible School and looking for a screen printer who has experience printing VBS shirts, we'd love to help. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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