Summer Camp Shirt Examples

by John Amato

When most people are on vacation during the summer, we get primed to print shirts for all of the summer camps that are in session. 

You know, there are a lot of summer camps out there. From volleyball to baseball to cheer to science to church to scouts, there are no shortage of camps that we print shirts for. 

But that's what makes summer fun for kids, right? Having something to look forward to and friends to spend that time between school with. 

Shirts are the perfect accessory for summer camps because they are a memento for camp goers to remember their experience by. 

Camp DeSales Shirts

camp desales shirt

St. Francis DeSales is a local Toledo high school. We work with them on projects on a regular basis. From hockey shirts to dances to clubs and camps, they keep us busy year-round. 

In the summer they take groups up to Camp DeSales which is just across the border into Michigan in the Irish Hills. 

For the last several years we've printed shirts for the campers and staff. We love the vintage, outdoorsy print the adorns the front of the shirts. It's a simple design printed on a nice soft shirt that is sure to be worn again and again. 

Toledo Museum of Art Summer Camp

toledo museum of art summer camp shirt

If there's anything the city of Toledo is proud of, it's our museum. Not only is it an amazing building and the art is incredible, but they run great programs and evens as well. 

Their summer camp is an example of that. It's the perfect opportunity for kids to be exposed to all the museum has to offer. 

Whenever we print shirts for the museum, we love the creativity and designs they send our way. While this shirt looks simple, as we're fond of saying, simple designs are always the best designs. 

Cedar Creek Fusion Camp

cedar creek summer camp shirt

The graphic designers at Cedar Creek Church are top notch. We're always impressed with their knowledge of screen printing and fashion. And, boy, do they like to challenge us with their prints.

This cassette tape design is just one of many shirt designs they created their Fusion Camp. In addition to the design above, they had specific designs for students, volunteers, leaders, production, and medical. All of the designs were cohesive and fit well together. 

While the experience and relationships are the most important part of the event, when shirts are planned and designed this well, it certainly makes an impact.

Camp Northpoint Shirts

camp northpoint shirt

Northpoint Church came to us to help them with their 2022 summer camp shirts. We love the vintage vibes in this design. The faded cream and yellow print blend perfectly on the heather navy shirt.

Northpoint uses these shirts for everyone who attends their annual summer camp as a memento for their trip and the good times they had. The simple, classic design will always be in style and connect people back to Northpoint.

Create Your Summer Camp Shirts With Jupmode

Summer camp shirts are some of our favorite shirts to print. They bring back a major twinge of nostalgia for the carefree days our youth. 

Camp shirts are a memorable keepsake for all of the kids who are lucky enough to go to a summer camp on the break from school. No matter what the camp is - scouts, vacation bible school, athletic, or outdoors - these kids will make memories that last a lifetime.

And if done correctly, the shirts can be a fun part of it. 

If you’re part of the leadership team for a summer camp and looking for a screen printer who has the experience to print your shirts quickly and well, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jupmode

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