Toledo T-Shirt Fundraiser Raises Over $40,000 for Local Small Businesses

by john amato

toledo t-shirt fundraiser by jupmode

Thank you to everyone who purchased Here for Good t-shirts supporting small local businesses!

Once again, we found great hope and inspiration through this Here for Good campaign. The amount of love of support our Northwest Ohio community has for local businesses is truly amazing.

Our 2021 Here for Good campaign consisted of 185 local businesses and sold 4,192 t-shirts. This means $41,920 went back into the hands of small businesses! We could not have done this without you.

A Shirt Fundraiser to Support Local Northwest Ohio Businesses

This is the second consecutive year we hosted our Here for Good shirt fundraiser (last year we raised $135K!). We launched it last year in response to the pandemic and shutdown orders that were put in place to help local organizations generate revenue when otherwise they were unable to.

The success of Here for Good is derived from its simplicity and the overwhelming generosity of the local community. We say it a lot, but we'll reiterate - Northwest Ohio is a special place because of its people and how much they are willing to help and support the people around them. 

As a small business ourselves, we know that we wouldn't be around today without that support. We are grateful to all of our customers and supporters for sticking with us and believing in us.

We'll bring Here for Good back again next year and continue to pay your support forward!


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