How We Helped Raise $135K for Local Small Businesses (Here for Good)

by John Amato

We can't say it enough, Toledo really stepped up during an incredibly difficult time. This city supported its small businesses, restaurants, salons, artists, non-profits, organizations, and individuals at every turn.
We couldn't be more proud of the response to Here for Good.
From Facebook groups promoting local restaurants and bars to a website where you could tip your favorite server or bartender to Grubs for Scrubs from Deet's BBQ to the United Way. There was no shortage of opportunities to help those in need. 

We were happy to be a part of this larger support system with our Here for Good programWe created this campaign to give back to the local people of Toledo during the COVID-19 pandemic and stay at home order.

The response was amazing! Over $135,000 was raised to support local businesses in our area. Not to mention, this helped us keep our small business afloat during a time where we are struggling like everyone else. 

A T-Shirt Fundraiser to Support Small Business in Ohio

here for good t-shirt fundraiser for northwest ohio businesses

What was the Here for Good Program? If you're hearing about this for the first time, we created Here for Good to raise money for local small businesses affected by the pandemic and the stay at home orders.

We did this by selling shirts online for any small business that wanted to participate. The shirts sold for $20 and we gave $10 directly back to that organization. While most of them were local to Northwest Ohio, some businesses were as far away as South Carolina. 

The program was simple and required very little work from the organizations involved.

It worked like this: anyone who was interested in participating gave us permission to sell their shirt online. We helped them create a simple t-shirt design that was available on our website for anyone to purchase. The shirts were sold on a presale basis.

We promoted it and so did they. When the sale ended, we got to work organizing the orders, ordering the blank shirts, preparing them for production, printing them, sorting them, and then shipping all of them out to each individual customer. 

Since we print our own custom shirts, we had a unique ability to facilitate a t-shirt fundraiser like this.

While we had high hopes for Here for Good, we were completely blown about way its success. There were many similar programs throughout the country run by other local screen print shops and ours was among the most successful. 

Check out the link to the video recap to learn more about the program and see some of the organizations that were featured. 


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    Wondering if I could get the color choices available for the t shirts/ hoodies… I have my person working on the design.

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