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Spirit Wear for Toledo Schools

Spirit Wear for Toledo Schools

From sports, to events, to schools, to special occasions, we print a lot of spirit wear. 

We define spirit wear as any item that is printed with the name of a school or organization that is meant to promote pride or unity. The most common spirit wear programs that we run are for schools and sports teams but they are common for non-profits and businesses, as well. 

shirt for st ursula volleybal

Spirit wear items can range from t-shirts to sweatshirts to sweatpants to hats to jackets and more. Basically, if there is interest in an item and we can print or embroider it, then it can be a part of the program.

Most of the spirit wear we print is for local Toledo schools and sports teams. With schools and sports teams, looking a lot different this year, we haven't printed as much as in years past. 

However, custom spirit wear has remained a popular service. The absence of large gatherings, dances, and fans at sporting events has made people more creative in finding ways to support their schools and teams. 

Spirit wear has stepped in to fill some of this void.

Lions athletic shirt

In addition to being a way to build team pride and unity, spirit wear programs are great opportunities to raise money. When we build a program for a customer, we always leave the option open for them to build in a donation back to their program. These funds can then be used for their class, church, or team. 

This year we had tremendous success raising money for other local businesses, schools, and restaurants through our Here for Good program. We were able to help local organizations sell 13,500 shirts with this initiative. The support from the local community was tremendous and we were honored that we could help so many local businesses during such a difficult time.

Spirit wear programs can be run a few different ways. The most common way to run the program is through online stores. We facilitate our spirit wear stores through Jupmode Supply.

What makes online stores so nice is that we handling all of the ordering, payments, and sorting so you don't have to. 

We've got you covered for your next spirit wear store. Email us at to find out how you can get started or fill out the contact form on our website.

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