5 Pride Clothing Items You Can Wear to Show Your Support

by John Amato

Clothes are a form of self-expression, and what you wear may say a lot about your identity and attitude towards others.

Therefore, wearing branded clothing with encouraging words can symbolize your support for various causes or events, such as Pride month.

Pride month is a special time to celebrate and elevate the LGBTQ community at festivals, parades, and marches.

Wearing Pride apparel during this period is one of the best ways to help promote awareness and provide support and encouragement to people within the LGBTQ community.

There are so many stylish options for Pride month attire. For instance, Jupmode has a line of Pride-themed clothes that you can buy for yourself or as a gift for your loved one.

Let’s look at some Pride clothing items you can wear to show your support for the LGBTQ community.

1 - The Love Is Love Colorful Shirt

Love is Love Shirt

This stylish, bold, and cute shirt speaks for itself—it represents love.

While everyone has a different opinion on what Pride month represents, the core meaning of the celebration is love—love is love regardless of who you are, where you’re from, or who you love.

The design is printed on a soft, oatmeal-colored shirt with the inks thinned out to give the print a softer feel, making this shirt very comfortable to wear. 

The word “love” is printed in six separate rainbow colors to symbolize the LGBTQ community’s rich history, unity, and diversity. 

Each color holds a different meaning and represents an important value in the LGBTQ community. 

Here's what each color symbolizes:

  • Red represents life. The idea is borrowed from the fact that blood is red and it's  seen as the body’s essential life force.
  • Orange represents healing. Orange is associated with fun and joyful activities—having fun and celebrating are both considered healing activities.
  • Yellow represents sunlight. Yellow is a bright and radiant color—it stimulates new thoughts and ideas.
  • Green represents nature. Green conveys the healing properties of nature—it's associated with growth and prosperity.
  • Blue represents serenity. Blue is a relaxing color that soothes the soul. It symbolizes calmness.
  • Purple represents the spirit. Purple is a royal color that signifies Pride. Like blue, it’s seen as a relaxing color but also serves as a link to the spiritual world.

2 - The Pride Flag Embroidered Crew Sweatshirt

Pride Flag Embroidered Sweatshirt

This Pride sweatshirt features the Pride flag that represents inclusion and diversity. The embroidery and the pigment-dyed crew provide the following benefits:

  • Durability: This embroidered design is very durable because it can withstand heavy laundering and high temperatures. It’s easily washable and not easily discolored.

    Embroidery stitching is comparatively tough because of the high sheen threads, so the Pride flag design will not be damaged by natural wear and tear.

  • Comfort: This sweatshirt is warm, soft, and light, which makes it comfortable to wear in any weather.

    Unlike synthetic sweatshirts that make you feel sweaty, this sweatshirt features great absorbing qualities (a combination of 20% polyester and 80% cotton) that provides comfortable warmth without soaking you in perspiration.

  • Versatility: It’s versatile enough to be worn with almost anything. This sweatshirt can go with both jeans and khakis depending on your preferred taste.

    It can also be worn with a wide variety of shoes, including boots, sneakers, and boat shoes.

  • Style: Not only is this sweatshirt warm and comfortable, it is also stylish. Its oversized design gives it a laid-back street style that is ideal for any Pride occasion.

The following table shows the size chart for this Pride Flag Embroidered Crew Sweatshirt.

Size Body Length From Shoulder Chest Width From 1” Below Armhole
XS 26” 19”
S 27” 20”
M 28” 22”
L 29” 23.5”
XL 30” 25.5”
2XL 31” 27”
3XL 32” 28”

3 - The Love Pennant Pride Hat

Love Pennant Pride Hat

Thanks to the bright custom embroidery, this hat has an elegant look and feel. It’s a great way to play up your look and add life to your Pride outfit.

Wearing this hat will provide you with many benefits that go far beyond simple aesthetics and self-expression. It offers advantages for your health, such as:

  • Protecting your eyes from the sun’s glare
  • Protection against skin damage and cancer
  • Protecting your face, ears, and head from the cold during winter
  • Protecting your scalp from sunburn and your hair from sun damage

4 - Pride Is the Adams Way Shirt

Pride is the Adams Way Shirt

This shirt is very popular because a portion of the proceeds from its sales are donated to Equality Toledo—a non-profit that uses activism to eradicate discrimination against people based on their gender identity and sexual orientation.

“I'm very grateful for the help our non-profit received from Jupmode. Always professional, friendly, and with great quality and service.”
- Deborah M.

It's also a favorite among LGBTQ allies due to the rich history of Adams Street’s support for the LGBTQ community.

Adams Street is a section of downtown Toledo that’s famous for providing a home to the LGBTQ community decades ago when safe spaces weren’t easy to come by for the community.

Today, Adams Street continues its tradition of being home to an inclusive community, so much so that part of the street now proudly trades its name for Pride Way.

Inclusivity, pride, and equality are written all over the street thanks to the Pride flags lining the street and the murals that convey Toledo’s gratitude for all the love out there.

Adams Street is also home to a number of well-known businesses that support the LGBTQ community, including the Attic, Manhattan’s, Georgjz419, and Handmade Toledo.

5 - The Love Above All Vintage-Inspired Shirt

Love Above All Shirt

This shirt addresses the misconceptions that ill-informed people have—heterosexual love is the only form of pure, real, and normal love.

It emphasizes that love should come above everything else. Whether it’s between two women, two men, or any two human beings, love transcends the trivial differences of sex and gender.

Additionally, this shirt serves as a reminder of the qualities of true love, which include:

  • Love is kind. It's compassionate, gentle, and caring.
  • Love is respectful. It honors and does not encourage humiliation or shame.
  • Love is selfless. It prioritizes the welfare of others and does not encourage selfishness.
  • Love protects. It's about protection and always encourages safety.
  • Love is based on trust. It recognizes the good in people, their skills, abilities, and talents.
  • Love banishes fear. It eliminates insecurities and anxieties that torment people’s minds and souls.

clothes are a form of self-expression

Show Your Support and Love With Jupmode’s Pride Collection

Whether you want your Pride clothing to be loud and proud or you prefer subdued apparel, Jupmode offers a wide selection of your favorite Pride clothing items that'll help you show your support.

Our apparel is produced with the goal of promoting love and equality for all people.

Due to our commitment and involvement with the local LGBTQ community, we ensure that all our Pride clothing items have unique designs that show love and support.

Most of our Pride collection shirts are screen printed, but we also have embroidered items like the Pennant Pride Hat and the Pride Flag Embroidered Sweatshirt.

Although it’s not easy to print rainbows on shirts, we’ve perfected our printing techniques over the years to achieve the best results for Pride clothes.

Thanks to our expertise and commitment to quality, our clients keep coming back year after year.

“Jupmode is always very responsive with pricing and recommended a great, comparable shirt when the brand I selected was out of stock.”
- Eric P.

“The shirts were delivered quicker than I expected and the quality of the finished product was excellent. Thanks, Jupmode.”
- Steve M.

Contact us today to get your Pride clothing order started.

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