Here for Good: Mosaic Salon Toledo

by John Amato

Mosaic Salon

Our Here for Good program closed at the end of May. Here we are two months, 13,500 shirts, and $135,000 raised for local business later and we're just about complete with fulfillment. 

It's been a heck of a year. The Here for Good campaign has been a bright spot for us and many local organizations. We created a program where we sold shirts for local salons, musicians, bars, restaurants, non-profits, schools, and other organizations. $10 from each shirt sold went back to that organizations so they could generate income during the height of COVID-19 and the stay at home order. For many of these Toledo people and places, it was the only money they generated during that time. 

The response to Here for Good has been overwhelmingly positive. It feels great that we were able to have such a positive impact for the local community during such a difficult time. Now that so many people have received their orders, we love being tagged in their Facebook and Instagram posts. 

Being a small business owner is tough. It's even tougher during a global pandemic when you can't be open. As you're receiving your Here For Good orders in the mail, we wanted to remind you of the impact you made on these local businesses with your purchases during the campaign. It made a difference. 

We loved this post from Mosaic Salon

"This shirt. A bright spot when the world seemed dim. It first started glimmering for us when Jupmode put it out there for the community to participate.... and you all sure did participate!!! Every week we felt your love and light when they deposited in our account. Today we continue to feel that light when you continue to show up to the shop it send us a picture with your Mosaic shirts on! Talk about unity in community. The girls at Mosaic are feeling REALLY grateful🙏🏼 "

Thanks for posting, 
Mosaic Salon



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