St. Paddy's Day Gear

by John Amato

Are you gearing up for St. Paddy's Day?

We have a bunch of new releases in the shop like our Cheers from Toledo t-shirt, Cheers from Toledo button, Lucky to be from Ohio Shirt, and Lucky to be from Ohio Zip Hoodie! Stop into the shop to get your green in order. 

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Mickey Finn's Vintage Shirt

Mickey Finn's Toledo

Mickey Finn's opened in 1998 in a renovated building in Toledo’s Vistula neighborhood. It was a popular place for St. Patrick’s Day events, independent film showings, art exhibitions, and it was best known as a venue for concerts, drawing national acts and local bands alike!.

If you're of a certain age and from Toledo, some of your favorite nights were likely spent at Mickey Finn's. It was a friendly bar located in an unlikely spot that attracted people from all over town. The bar's owner, and namesake, was part of the attraction. An affable man who famously wore a short sleeve suit on the popular show, Cash Cab.

Wear this shirt to transport you back to your favorite times at the pub. 

Order your Mickey Finn's shirt on our website or find it in our Toledo retail stores.

Toledo Beer Shirts

Like any great city, Toledo has a rich brewing history.

From Toledo's original Buckeye Brewing to the recent revival with Ernest Brew Works, Heavy Beer, Inside the Five, Black Frog Brewery, Patron Saints, and Quenched and Tempered, to name a few, there is no shortage of great local beer in Northwest Ohio.

We've designed shirts to celebrate the quality of great brew in town. 

So the next time you're at the store, choose that locally brewed beer while wearing your Toledo beer shirts!

Toledo Shamrock Shirts

The most iconic symbol associated with St. Patrick's Day is the shamrock. 

It's presence can be found on nearly every shirt out there that promotes the holiday.

The significance of the shamrock is important. Afterall, the holiday is celebrated in honor of St. Patrick. The shamrock boasts three leaves while a clock has four.

The symbolism of this lies in the trinity that is significant in the Catholic faith.

That tradition carries forward to today and the St. Patrick's day apparel, souvenirs, and decorations. 

Custom St. Patrick's Day Shirts 

st. patrick's day shirts for the blarney in downtown toledo ohio

We were so excited to print t-shirts for the Blarney's Shamrockin' Social Distancing St. Patrick's Day celebrations!

The Blarney Irish Pub is one of the most popular bars in downtown Toledo. They've done a great job building community and hosting events that get people excited. Their St. Patrick's Day event is one of their biggest events of the year. 

There's nothing like a good green t-shirts for St. Paddy's Day. We printed two different t-shirt designs for this St. Patrick's Day celebration. They were both on kelly green t-shirts and we even added in some hoodies, too.  

St. Patrick's Day is a fun annual holiday in Northwest Ohio. It's a great day for people to celebrate their Irish history, spend time with family, and get out on a day that almost feels like spring. 

The design for this shirt used distress textures to create a vintage look

If you're in need of custom t-shirts for your business, we'd love to help. Get in touch with us today to get started on your next project!


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