5 St. Patrick’s Day Shirts for Midwesterners

by John Amato

The American Midwest is full of Irish heritage. When waves of Irish immigrants descended upon Ellis Island and the East Coast, many, over time, made their way to Ohio, Michigan, and the rest of America’s Heartland states.

Today, around 31.5 million Americans claim some amount of Irish heritage. Irish is one of the top three reported ancestry groups in 31 different states, including nearly every state in the Midwest.

The Midwest is a melting pot, and every March 17 that pot stirs up some Irish pride.

Some of the world’s best St. Paddy’s Day celebrations go down here in the Midwest. The Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade draws more than two million spectators every year, while Miami University in Oxford, Ohio is known for its Green Beer Day festivities.

To celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day in style, Jupmode has lots of fun new t-shirt designs to show off. These tees infuse Irish pride into our usual Midwestern themes.

Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day shirts. Find the perfect holiday-themed shirts that:

  • Celebrate both St. Patrick’s Day and the Midwest
  • Make great gifts for your whole St. Patrick’s Day crew
  • Are only available from Jupmode’s website or retail stores

1 - Feelin’ Lucky Shirt

green and white Feelin’ Lucky St. Patrick’s Day fitted shirt

In this land where people of Irish descent are so fiercely proud of their heritage, it’s no surprise that some uniquely Irish-American traditions and sayings have emerged.

Such is the case with “the luck of the Irish.” The phrase comes from the gold and silver mining heyday of the late 19th century. Some of the most successful and well-known miners were Irish, prompting their rivals to praise—or perhaps curse—the apparent “luck” of these newly-rich individuals.

If you want to channel some of that Irish gold miner energy this St. Paddy’s Day, then you need a Lucky Shirt

Pick up this Feelin' Lucky Shirt on our website.

2 - Ohio St. Paddy’s Day Shirt

green and white Ohio St. Patrick’s Day shirt from Jupmode

This festive Ohio St. Paddy’s Shirt features a cheerful shade of heather green and big block letters. Spot the little shamrock in the first O and an Ohio-shaped icon in the second one.

Like most Jupmode tees, this shirt is made from a delightfully soft and stretchy tri-blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon.

3 - Mickey Finn’s Shirt

gray Mickey Finn’s St. Patrick’s Day fitted shirt from Jupmode

Do you remember Mickey Finn’s? Its run in Toledo was brief but iconic. Located in a renovated structure in the Vistula neighborhood, Mickey Finn’s was a classic Irish pub and neighborhood hangout between 1998 and 2013.

Mickey Finn’s was known for great food, incredible concerts every weekend, and art exhibitions that featured local Toledo talent. The pub also threw memorable parties every St. Patrick’s Day.

If you had some good times at Mickey Finn’s, keep the memories alive with this Mickey Finn’s Shirt. Who knows, if enough of us wear these, maybe this Toledo landmark will be reborn.

This shirt is made from 25% organic cotton, 50% Repreve recycled polyester, and 25% Tencel modal tri-blend.

”Perfect blend of comfort and awesomeness. Love your shirts! They are so comfortable and bring back wonderful memories of growing up in Toledo. Great shop(s), great people, great merchandise!”
— Peter S., ★★★★★ Verified Jupmode T-Shirt Buyer

4 - Sláinte Toledo Shirt

gray Sláinte Toledo St. Patrick’s Day fitted shirt from Jupmode

This Sláinte Toledo Shirt celebrates one of our favorite days and one of our favorite places.

Just about every language has a word that’s used for raising glasses. In Gaelic, both Irish and Scottish, sláinte is that word. Like salud in Spanish, sláinte means health.

Toasting in Gaelic is sure to stir up your Irish spirit. If you’re new to the language, just be sure to hit up YouTube for a pronunciation tutorial before trying it out!

”I bought 2 Slainte shirts, one for my Irish boyfriend and the other is on its way to Dublin Ireland with my friend Carmen for her 91st birthday this week!”
— Heather M., ★★★★★ Verified Jupmode T-Shirt Buyer


5 - Navy and Gold Shamrock Shirt

navy and gold Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day shirt from Jupmode

Who says every St. Patrick’s day shirt has to be green?

Perhaps you prefer blue and gold. They do happen to be the colors of one of a Midwestern University known for their Fighting Irish. However, you don’t have to be a Notre Dame fan to rock this Navy & Gold Shamrock Shirt.

Jupmode St. Patrick’s Day shirts photo snippet


Midwestern-Themed St. Paddy’s Day Shirts From Jupmode

Jupmode loves the Midwest, and the Midwest loves St. Patrick’s Day. That means that we go all out in printing unique designs that put a Midwestern spin on this special day.

For more apparel and gifts that celebrate the incredible people, landscapes, and culture of the Midwest, check out these special collections:

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