Love is Love Pride Shirt [With Photos and Videos]

by John Amato

Love is Love

June and August are always challenging months for us as screen printers. That's because we print a ton of rainbow designs each month. Rainbows have a lot of colors and high color count designs can be more challenging and technical to screen print.

What makes Toledo unique is that the city celebrates Pride in August. For the rest of the country, the primary Pride celebration is in June.

While this may seem strange to most people, it really just means that in Toledo, we get to have a little more fun. Who doesn't need more pride in their life? 

Love is Love Shirt

Share and Show Your Love and Pride in This Colorful Shirt

One of our favorite and most popular shirts is our Love is Love shirt. It's design is simple and colorful and speaks volumes. 

The design is printed on a soft, oatmeal colored shirt. We reduce our inks to give the print a softer feel which makes the shirt more comfortable to wear. The word 'love' is printed in six separate colors. 

We've been printing this shirt for a couple years now. Although it is a challenging shirt to print, we've figured it out over the years and it's become a really fun shirt for us. 

When we printed it most recently, we put together a short Tiktok video on the process.  



June is always a fun and challenging month printing rainbows. ##loveislove ##screenprinting ##jupmode ##mypride ##fyp

♬ I'm Still Standing - Remastered - Elton John


Shirts to Show Our Support for the LGBTQ+ Community

If you're not here for information on how we print our shirts, I apologize for dwelling on it so long. In addition to our Love is Love shirt, we have a full collection of colorful Gay Pride shirts that we think you'll love. 

We are committed to and involved with the local LGBTQ+ community and it's important that we show our support in our shirt designs. 

We are proud to say that we work with local organizations in this community and employ many members of the LGBTQ+ community. They make us and the Toledo area better. 

If you're in the Toledo area, you can stop in our retail stores to shop our Pride collection which will be fully stocked in June!


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