7 Intriguing Ohio-Themed Gifts for All Ages and Holidays

by John Amato

Finding the perfect gift for your loved one can be a tricky task, and the number of available options don’t make things any simpler. 

Thankfully, this choice is a little easier to make when it comes to Ohioans who are always eager to express love for their home state. You can’t go wrong with an Ohio-themed gift when your loved one bleeds scarlet and gray. 

However, you’ll still want to choose something unique and meaningful. This is where Jupmode comes in. 

As an Ohio-based business with proud Ohioans on staff, we welcome every opportunity to celebrate our home state. 

Over the years, we’ve designed a wide collection of Ohio-themed gifts perfect for showing Buckeye State pride and celebrating all that makes Ohio magical. 

To help you find the perfect gift for your loved one, here are our top Ohio-themed gift options that:

  • Show Ohioan pride
  • Bring joy to Ohioans anywhere
  • Celebrate Ohio’s history

1 - Ohio Embroidered Beanie

Ohio Embroidered Beanie by Jupmode

One of the best things about living in Ohio is getting to experience the magic of the changing seasons. From warm summer days spent camping and hiking to chilly winters snowboarding and ice fishing, the weather can always be enjoyed. 

No matter what activity your loved one prefers, the Ohio Embroidered Beanie will be a perfect fit. Its cozy 100% tight knight acrylic fabric makes it suitable for a cool summer night yet still toasty enough for an Ohioan winter. 

Grab this stylish Ohio Embroidered Beanie as a gift for your loved one of any age. 

2 - Ohio Smile Shirt

ohio smile shirt

The Ohio Smile Shirt is the perfect gift for those who are Ohioans through and through—the people who are filled with warmth and love at the mere thought of our great state. 

This shirt is inspired by the happiness that the state of Ohio brings to so many people. Ohio is a place of immense pride and you Ohioans love to wear this pride for your home. 

We designed the shirt with a vintage aesthetic that evokes a warm nostalgia for the adventures and charm of Ohio. 

Put simply, the Ohio Smile Shirt is a must-have for any proud Ohioan.

Additionally, here are a few more options from our Ohio-themed apparel collection for your consideration.

script ohio sherpa

Ohio Script Sherpa

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Ohio Birthplace of Aviation Shirt by Jupmode

Ohio Birthplace of Aviation Shirt

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Ohio Skate Shirt by Jupmode

Ohio Skate Retro Logo Shirt

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3 - Ohio Forever and Ever Stemless Slim Can Koozie

ohio slim can koozie

A never-ending love for Ohio paired with a cold drink is a match made in heaven. There’s no better housewarming gift for a loved one who’s just moved to Ohio or tailgate accessory.

This fun can koozie is an ideal “welcome home” gift because once you’re an Ohioan, you’re always an Ohioan. 

The slim Ohio Forever and Ever can koozie also works as the perfect farewell gift for someone moving away from the Buckeye State. Let them toast to their home state and forever keep Ohio in their hearts and minds as they enjoy their favorite drink. 

4 - Toledo Ohio Flag Shirt

Toledo Ohio Flag Shirt by Jupmode

The Toledo, Ohio flag is a symbol of the fundamental things that make Toledo—and indeed, The Buckeye State—great:

  • The spark of industry represents the hard-working people of Toledo and the effort they put into every facet of the city’s industry. 
  • The blue and white represent one of Toledo’s greatest natural assets—the Maumee river. The colors also represent the city’s vibrancy and optimism. 
  • The yellow of the spark represents the glow of hot glass and is an ode to Toledo—the glass capital of the world. 

The Toledo Ohio Flag Shirt is one of the best ways to express Toledoan pride and a great way for Toledoans living away from home to pay homage to their home city and state. 

5 - Camp Ohio Patch Hat

Camp Ohio Patch Hat

The Camp Ohio Patch Hat is the perfect gift for your favorite outdoor explorer. It features some key design elements that make it functional, yet stylish, and perfect for outdoor adventures. These features include:

  • A six-panel retro design
  • A clay mesh back
  • A snapback closure

Grab your Ohioan explorer this hat and let them show their home state some love as they enjoy the great outdoors. You can also gift the hat to an out-of-state adventurer as an invitation to explore Ohio's natural beauty. 

6 - Ohio Embroidered Crew Sweatshirt

ohio crew sweatshirt

It’s not an exaggeration when we say that the Ohioan Embroidered Crew Sweatshirt might be the coziest sweatshirt you’ll ever find. 

Featuring a relaxed fit and garment dyed poly/cotton blend, there’s nothing quite like this comfy crew, especially on a cold winter’s day. It’s incredibly soft and the perfect gift for an Ohioan feeling a little homesick.

Whether it’s a birthday present, a holiday gift, or a “just because” gesture, you won’t go wrong with the Ohioan Embroidered Crew.

I gave this crew neck as a gift to a friend who's moving and I am so pleased! It came so quick and it is even better quality than I was expecting. Great customer service too! Thanks Jupmode (:
- Jillian S., United States

But that's not all. In addition to the Ohioan crew, we have a wide selection of other Ohio-themed sweatshirts to choose from. 

Ohio Felt Script Sweatshirt

Ohio Felt Script Sweatshirt

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ohio puff crew sweatshirt

Ohio Puff Crew Sweatshirt

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Ohio The Buckeye State Sweatshirt by Jupmode

Ohio The Buckeye State Sweatshirt

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7 - Columbus Ohio Coloring Book

columbus coloring book

You can call off the search for the perfect housewarming gift because the Columbus Ohio Coloring Book is it. 

It's the perfect gift for reminding people of their Ohio home. It encapsulates some of what makes our state so magical in both its beautiful illustrations and wonderful places in its pages.

Whether it's a new apartment, house, or dorm room, this candle will light up their space with scents of balsam, cedar, eucalyptus, fir, and pine. 

Color your way through Ohio's state capital and be inspired to find new adventures in Columbus!

Bonus Gift - Ohio Shirt Club

ohio shirt club

If you're looking for the gift that keeps on giving, the Ohio Shirt Club is it!

By signing up a loved one for the Ohio Shirt Club you'll be sending them a brand new Ohio themed shirt each month to remind them how much you love them. 

The Ohio Shirt Club is our most beloved Ohio gift with over 25 5-star reviews:

My kids moved to Arizona and love showing off their hometown spirit. When the Ohio Shirt Club started last year, I decided to sign up for it. I was easily able to switch sizes each month so my daughter and son received every other shirt. They loved getting a little gift from home and the shirts have been great conversations starters for them.

They aren’t tired of getting the shirts and if the designs will be new next year, we will do it again. Or maybe try the Toledo Shirt Club!
- Jillian S., United States

ohio theme gifts

Ohio-Themed Gifts From Jupmode

At Jupmode, we’re all about celebrating the American Midwest, including the great state of Ohio. We do this through unique apparel that highlights Ohio's spirit, culture, and popular destinations. 

Whether Ohio is your loved one's home state or favorite home away from, check out our Ohio gifts collection to find the perfect gift for them.

“So comfy and cozy. It looks and feels like that perfect vintage crew you’d find hanging in your dad’s closet. Jupmode never disappoints with their fun designs and styles.”
- ★★★★★ | Mackenzie, United States.

Alternatively, if you find yourself in Toledo, Ohio, you can drop by one of our retail stores. Otherwise, make your purchase from our online store anytime. 

We ship online purchases through the United States Postal Service (USPS), and shipped items typically arrive within 7–10 days. Free shipping is included on orders above $75.

For more information about Jupmode, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. And for more tips and buying guides, visit the Jupmode blog.

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