Best Ohio Gifts of 2022

Looking for the best gifts for someone who loves the state of Ohio?

Are you proud to call the state of Ohio home? You're not alone. Whether you're from Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton, or anywhere in between, there's always a good reason to show your love for the Buckeye State.

The Buckeye State is special in that even when people leave it, they carry a piece of it in their hearts no matter where they go next. Ohio is near and dear to so many that gifting someone an Ohio gift instantly makes them feel at home, because, as the saying goes, once an Ohioan, always an Ohioan. Jupmode is proud to be from Ohio and wants its customers to feel the same way.

No matter how big or small, Ohio gifts are special because they bring a strong sense of pride and love for this state unlike any other. Ohio is truly the heart of it all. 

Ohio The Buckeye State Sweatsuit

What to look for in an Ohio themed gift

There are many elements to finding the perfect Ohio gift. A gift is a reflection of the person you’re giving the gift to, and even more importantly, what Ohio means to them. Buying an Ohio-themed gift from an Ohio-based retailer is extremely special because it’s like being able to take the people and places that mean the most to you anywhere in the world, only this time it’s an entire state!

Another important aspect to finding the perfect Ohio gift is quality. Jupmode maintains its standard of creating durable and long-lasting material while also constantly brainstorming local and Ohio-themed creative designs.  

ohioan embroidered crew sweatshirt

Ohioan Crew Sweatshirt

You've seen all of the same Ohio shirts and crews out there. None of them are like this. What isn't there to love about this embroidered crew? The garment dyed material and minimalist embroidery are simple, comfortable, and classic. This is the perfect sweatshirt for the person who can't wear their Ohio pride enough.

Ohio Felt Hoodie

For the person who loves Ohio as much as they love a soft hoodie, this Ohio Felt sweatshirt is calling! Like all of our products, we decorate this hoodie in our own production facility. The wool felt letters are sewn on the hoodie with our embroidery machine. Our embroiderer Jodi has over 20 years of experience in the industry. 

Red Ohio Wool Felt Hoodie
Tie Dye Ohio Makes Me Happy Crew Sweatshirt

Ohio Makes Me Happy Tie Dye Sweatshirt

Do you have friends or family who love spending their time in Ohio? Whether they live here, visit for the holidays, or have the best memories of this great state, just the thought of Ohio makes them happy. This Ohio Makes Me Happy Sweatshirt is ready to brighten any day and wrap your friends in Ohio comfort!

Ohio Smiley

Know someone who can't help but smile when thinking about Ohio? We have an idea for you! Start your holiday shopping off on a happy note with this Ohio Smiley collection.  

Ohio Smiley t-shirt and Ohio Smiley Hat
Somewhere in Ohio Corded Crew

Somewhere in Ohio 

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you go? Somewhere in Ohio, of course! If your love for Ohio runs deep, this corded crew is for you. No matter where you might be, this crew will transport you to your favorite place! 

Ohio Vintage Ornament Sweatshirt

We love a 90's vibe sweatshirt, especially one as festive as this! Trade in your holiday pajamas for this cozy crew. The vintage vibes paired with this soft garment are sure to bring you the best holiday feeling! 

Ohio Smiley t-shirt and Ohio Smiley Hat
The Buckeye State Sweatsuit
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Soft vintage feel 

You know that feeling of putting on your coziest t-shirt? So soft and comfortable. It's probably a shirt you've had for a while. From the first time you put on one of our shirts you will feel that vintage softness every time. 

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One of a kind designs  

Our design team has creativity that is hard to be matched. Each design we create is in house and original guaranteeing unique designs for every piece we release. 

icon image

Gives you the feeling of home

Do you ever see something that makes you think of home? Our Toledo, Ohio, and Midwest designs are sure to spark some "home" emotions. Best part? When you wear it, its so cozy it is almost like your home is always with you wherever you go.

Jupmode Top Ohio Gift Choices 

Whether you're looking for a gift for grandpa or your coworker, Jupmode's Ohio gift collection has something for everyone. From cozy blankets to floral-scented Ohio candles to comfortable Ohio apparel, Jupmode wants everyone to feel like an Ohioan.

Ohio Gifts for Her

Looking for the perfect gift for her? Look no further. This is the place to get all of the Ohio gear she needs! From Ohio sweatshirts, to Ohio shirts to cozy Ohio blankets this is your one stop shop.

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Ohio Gifts for Him

Don't know what gifts to get for him? From boyfriends to brothers, to dads and more, we've got you covered with the best gifts from head to toe for him.

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Ohio Gifts for Kids and Babies

Are you looking for something other than a toy to give to your little loved ones? Ohio apparel is a great gift to keep your little loved ones comfy and cozy.

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Ohio Gifts for Siblings

Siblings....usually people we know better than anyone but sometimes the hardest people to shop for. No worries. Our state of Ohio collection could be just what you need to give them the perfect gift.

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Ohio Gifts for Grandparents

Grandparents...they do so much for us so it can be hard to figure out how to give back to them. Ohioan grandparents probably have a deep appreciation for their state so Ohio apparel and accessories are sure to be a heartfelt gift they will appreciate.

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Ohio Gifts for your Fur Babies

Everyone knows, if you have a dog it is like having another member of your family. Of course you will want to include them in your holiday shopping list! This collection is for everyone who loves dogs and wants to show it.

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Columbus Coloring Book

columbus ohio coloring book

The Columbus Ohio coloring contains 52 locations in the Greater Columbus area that highlight the historical, cultural, educational, and culinary attractions of their vibrant city. From German Village to the Columbus Clippers, Columbus Metropolitan Library to the Columbus Museum of Art. Color your way through Ohio's state capital and be inspired to find new adventures in Columbus!

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Ohio Shirt Club

Ohio Shirt Club

The Ohio Shirt Club is the gift that keeps giving! This shirt club subscription is a great gift for anyone who loves Ohio and loves soft t-shirts. You can choose to gift the club for 3, 6, or 12 months making this the gift that truly keeps giving. 

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Ohio Embroidered Beanie

Embroidered Ohio Beanies

Everyone needs a beanie, especially in Ohio. Beanies are popular for men, women, and children so get comfy and keep your head warm in our classic and cozy Ohio Embroidered Beanie! Treat yourself (or others) to this comfy winter hat.

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Ohio Carnation Shirt 

Ohio Carnation Shirt

This shirt is for everyone who loves Ohio fun facts. Did you know that Ohio adopted the red carnation as its state flower in 1904? The red carnation was chosen to honor fellow Ohioan, President William McKinley who often wore the red carnation on his jacket. Share your Ohio knowledge with everyone you meet in your new t-shirt! 

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Ohio Forever and ever wine glass 

Ohio Forever and Ever Stemless Wine Glass

If you love having a glass of your favorite beverage after a day of holiday prep, this Ohio Forever and Ever Wine Glass is here for you! Grab your glass and a delicious holiday treat and get ready for a relaxing evening. 

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Ohio Sweatshirt Blanket

ohio script sweatshirt blanket

If you love our soft fleece sweatshirts and sweatpants, you're going to love our sweatshirt blankets! Nothing is better than curling up on the couch next to the fire with a hot cup of coffee. This sweatshirt blanket will keep you warm and add a touch of Ohio pride to your home.

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Why Jupmode is the answer to your Ohio gifts 

Did you know that we got our start with officially licensed shirts for the Ohio State University? That’s right, our very first shirt and our first ever Ohio collection was the Ohio State Sweater Vest T-Shirt.

We don’t need to explain to Buckeye fans that this was more of an outfit than a shirt. When you wore it, it gave the appearance of wearing a sweat vest and tie just like Coach Tressel was known for wearing on the sidelines during football Saturdays. 

The OSU Sweater Vest T-Shirt was the ultimate shirt for football fans to wear to games in the Horseshoe. In fact, the first week we had the shirts available we were in Columbus on Lane Avenue selling them in front of the 7 Eleven. Those were some fun times. Who could ask for anything more fun than selling shirts for Ohio State fans while they were tailgating before, during, and after football games. It was hardly work.  

jim tressel signing a t-shirt

It’s fun to think back to those times. We’d drive down to Columbus on a Friday night with bags full of shirts and a white fold up table. We’d get up early on Saturday mornings, head to our designated spot, hoist a shirt in the air on a stick, and sell as many as we could.

Unfortunately the Ohio State Sweater Vest T-Shirt couldn’t last forever. When Coach Tressel left the university we were forced to get a little more creative and expand our line. We’re a much different business now, but we’ve stayed true to our Ohio roots with a consistent line of quality, comfortable Ohio clothing and gifts.

That same sense of Ohio pride is now translated into an entire line of Ohio related apparel. From unique Ohio t-shirt designs to Ohio blanket throws, to even Ohio themed protective face masks and Christmas ornaments,

One of our largest points of distribution for Ohio themed apparel and gifts is through Kroger stores. We first introduced our shirts into Kroger stores in 2016. Since then we’ve expanded to over ten stores throughout Ohio with many of them being in the Columbus area.

All of this is to say, we know and love our Ohio t-shirts.

Jupmode prides itself on being an Ohio-based retail brand. Toledo wouldn’t be the same without its home state, just like we wouldn’t be the same without our die-hard Ohio fans. We wish to continue this tradition of showing off Ohio pride and connecting with our entire Ohio community to give back to the one and only Buckeye State. 

Hear what Jupmode customers say about their Ohio gifts

“Great store for Ohio-based clothing. The clothing selection is great. Bought multiple gifts for my wife from here as we no longer live in the Midwest but she appreciates the celebration.” -Devin

“The best quality Ts and sweatshirts! They're cute and comfy and they wash/wear super well. Gotta love being able to have the softest shirts ever and supporting local!” -Lauren

“Love the shirts I ordered. They are extremely comfortable.” -Chris

“Cool selection of high quality apparel items and collectibles that are Ohio-centric.”-Tobias

“I frequent their retail, especially for gifts. My husband, sons and I all represent Ohio with Jupmode's awesome gear. Awesome designs and great materials.” -Michelle 

Check out how we embroider our Ohio crew sweatshirts!

As we've said, one thing that makes us different is that we make our products in house. Take a look at this video below which shows us embroidering our popular Ohioan crew sweatshirt. 

Isn't it so much fun seeing an embroidery machine in action? We just love it. Our embroiderer, Jodi, has been in this field for over 20 years. She brings her expertise and experience to every product in our line every day. 

By doing the decoration work in house, it gives us more control over the creativity of our designs and the quality. It's been an advantage for us since we began screen printing in house eight years ago. We know all of the elements of our products better than anyone else, stay up on trends, and respond faster to demand because we work with them on a daily basis. 

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