19 Genius Construction Company Slogans You Can Emulate

by John Amato

Finger lickin’ good.

Anytime you read this memorable slogan, you immediately think of the KFC fast food chain of restaurants.

It’s usually printed on a red background, which, by the way, is not by accident. The background color is meant to stimulate feelings of hunger, appetite, and happiness, which helps them drive sales.

Its background colors, logo, and slogan, all combined, have created a brand that’s widely recognized and tells the customer what they’re all about—finger-lickin’ good food.

Like KFC, you can also use a catchy slogan to evoke curiosity, boost recognition, and increase brand awareness for your construction company. Printing your company’s name and slogan on your construction apparel is a sure way to promote your brand further.

The stage is set: the background colors have already been chosen for you, thanks to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines on safety colors.

It’s between safety green and safety orange, which are both largely identified with the construction industry and display professionalism.

Today, we’re on a mission to inspire you to craft the final piece of the puzzle—a company name and tagline that’ll:

  • Communicate your company’s culture
  • Help people recognize your company’s services
  • Evoke curiosity and attract customers

Keep It Short and Sweet

safety orange branded construction t-shirt

Short and simple team names and slogans are easier to remember than longer ones since they deliver a clear idea in an engaging manner. Keep your slogan less than ten words so that it fits well on your branded apparel, making it easy for audiences to read.

Here are a few examples of short and sweet names and slogans that convey a clear and concise message.

1 - Millennium Builders: Build to Last

The fact that millennium means a thousand years implies that the company is there to last, just like the buildings they put up. The word “builders” in the company’s name also identifies it as a construction company to audiences who’re seeing the name for the first time.

2 - Dream Homes: You Dream It, We Build It

This communicates that the construction company is all about the customer and fulfilling their dreams. Potential customers are attracted to this because it promises that the company can deliver on their dreams.

3 - Affordable Contracting Inc: Thousands Trust Us

Construction can be expensive, which is why we love the word “affordable'' in this company name. It immediately helps to ease the fear customers may have of approaching contractors by communicating that this company can work with their budget.

The slogan, “Thousands trust us,” acts as social proof that they’ve worked on other projects and delivered on their word.

4 - On Time Builders: Building Relationships, Building Trust

Contractors have a bad reputation for dragging projects beyond set timelines. This company name conveys that the company actually cares about timelines and delivers on them.

The slogan further builds on the name (see what we did there) by conveying that they’re all about building good relationships and establishing trust with work delivered on time.

construction company slogans photo snippet

5 - Home Improvement: Let’s Renovate Your Home

The company name and slogan are short and simple and clearly convey the services offered—renovations. This helps the company stand out to customers looking for renovations, since they clearly identify themselves as a company that specializes in renovations.

Expert Tip: Including construction-related words in your company name helps identify it as a construction company, removing any ambiguity about what your company does.

Here are some words you can include:

  • Builders
  • Homes
  • Contractors
  • Construction
  • Renovations

Catchy and Funny Slogans

branded safety green t-shirt

A catchy or funny company slogan will capture your audience’s attention and also tell them a little about your company culture—you’re a fun and creative company. This will make them feel good about your company and can even prompt them to engage you.

One of the ways to craft a funny slogan is to use puns by using construction-related words with many meanings. Here’s an example:

We’ll provide concrete results.

This plays on the meaning of the word “concrete'', which can be the building material made by mixing sand, ballast, and cement, or real, tangible results.

Some more examples of catchy and funny company slogans are:

6 - We Cover All Dimensions

This communicates that the company will do everything to ensure the project is successful and plays on the word dimension. Another slogan with the same meaning is, “We’ll cover all bases.”

7 - Concrete Is Our Language

This slogan will work well for a construction company because it communicates that they know all about concrete, which is the most basic building material.

Another related slogan that plays on the word concrete is, “Construction services as solid as concrete.”

8 - We Are Nailing It

This clever expression communicates that the company will execute the project exceptionally well—and use nails while at it!

Another slogan along the same lines is, “We’ll nail your project on time and on budget.”

9 - You Dream It, We Dig It

This refers to the hardworking nature of the company and its deep desire to fulfill its customers’ dreams. Another slogan with the same meaning is, “Just keep digging.”

10 - No Loose Screw Here

This slogan refers to construction companies that perform shoddy jobs and communicates that this company will perform a good job, while paying attention to little details like screws.

11 - We’ll Leave No Stone Unturned

Meaning, the company will do everything possible to find a solution and finish the project, plus they'll literally turn every stone while building.

12 - Roof With the Best, or Leak Like the Rest

This company slogan works well for a roofing company and also rhymes! It implies they’re the best in the industry and subtly touches on the unreliability of contractors.

13 - Hard as Concrete, Flexible as Steel

This tagline skillfully employs a simile to compare the company’s performance and values to concrete and steel, two widely used construction materials.

In other words, they’ll construct structures that’re as strong and durable as concrete while remaining as adaptable as steel to the clients’ changes.

14 - The Rest Don’t Measure Up

The clever use of the word “measure” in this slogan refers both to the act of measuring the size of buildings and also to the high standards that the company meets. 

Another slogan referring to the high standards of the company is, “Raising the roof on construction services.”

15 - Call Us…Or Screw It Up Yourself

This slogan targets Do It Yourself (DIY) homeowners who can actually make a mess of things while attempting to build or repair their homes instead of engaging professionals.

16 - This Is Not a Drill

The slogan expresses that the company has perfectly executed other projects before and is not experimenting on yours.

17 - Don't Just Build… Create!

This company slogan inspires the audience that the company will not just perform the basic building services but is out to create a masterpiece.

18 - For Your Roofing and Siding, Quality We’ll Be Providing

This slogan helps the audience recognize the services the company provides using a rhyme that’s easy to remember.

19 - The Best Things in Life Are Underground

Customers want to work with passionate contractors who’ll make their dreams a reality. This slogan expresses that the company is passionate about their work of building foundations and basements.

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Bonus Slogans: Be Creative and Professional

safety green branded sweatshirt

A creative and professional company slogan is memorable and leaves a good impression on your audience.

Make sure your company's slogan captures your core values and appeals to your target audience's emotions.

The table below highlights a few emotions to evoke along with 12 company slogans that do so.

Emotion Slogan
  • Fast, reliable, quality
  • A history of satisfaction
  • Precision in every task
  • We value your investment
  • Quality for generations
  • We’re not just contractors—we’re artisans
  • You’ll never see a better floor than ours
  • The sky's the limit when building
  • The most trusted name in construction
  • Renovate your incomplete dreams
  • Shine like a star in your self-planned house
  • Give your home a new style

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