4 Evergreen Ideas for Custom Embroidery on Hats for Landscapers

by John Amato

The right custom embroidery for your landscaping company’s hats must spark interest and leave lasting impressions. Luckily, you don’t have to go overboard because some classic designs are so good, they’re timeless.

As everyone tries to be different and bring a new twist to their branded apparel, these evergreen designs are exactly what you need. Simple designs communicate their ideas and message more powerfully because they are clear.

Lindo Leader, the designer of the FedEx logo, famously said: "I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things." 

Compared to designs with too much detail or too many colors, these classic designs come across as honest and transparent. Because of their simplicity, people spend less time and effort trying to decode their message.

As a landscaper, you’re probably thinking about function and aesthetics for your embroidered hats, too, that could include:

  • Making your branded hats last longer
  • Attracting attention to your brand
  • Saving money with simple designs
  • Creating a ubiquitous brand that customers will recognize easily

So, unless you’re specifically going for bold company apparel, classic and understated embroidery designs are what you want.

Get started with these classic embroidery design options for easy and affordable custom branding.

1 - Embroider Your Caps With a Monogram or Wordmark

hat with a monogram logo

A monogram is a design consisting of a collection of letters that represent your brand, such as your company initials. Monograms are also called letter marks, and when you write the brand name in full, they’re called a wordmark.

Monogram logos are a simple, yet powerful way to represent your brand. The biggest brands today use them—Louis Vuitton, Channel, Gucci, LG, HP, General Electric, and so many more.

Using monograms like these giants implies similar stability and reliability for your brand. Plus, monograms are great if you have a long business name!

Embroidery machines favor monogram logos because they consist of a few colors—usually one or two. They are also easy to design, having three letters at most, and no fancy detailing such as color gradients (shaded color).

As monograms are so simple, both them and wordmarks are cheap to embroider. 

This is great, considering that in landscaping work, your hats and other apparel will likely last a few months before needing replacement. This makes monogramming a cheap and functional option.

No Monograms? Embroider Your Logo, but Simplify It

If reducing your brand to a monogram doesn’t appeal to you, you can still use the brand logo for the design. However, you’ll need to simplify and optimize it as a digital file for the embroidery.

simplify and optimize your logo as a digital file for the embroidery

In the following table, we share a few tips on how to convert your brand’s logo into an embroidery design:

Logo Feature

What To Do



Reduce logo to one or two colors and avoid light-colored lines

hat with a two-color embroidery design


Strip away unnecessary details such as gradients, outlines, and unnecessary words

denim hat with Toledo embroidery design

Size of lettering

Use big fonts, at least ¼ inch in size. Increase the line thickness of thin sans serif fonts

denim hat with small embroidery design

Digital format

Provide a high-resolution digital graphic so that details don’t fade away when magnified

Also, optimize the digital format to the hat material, especially if the material is stretchy or shiny

denim hat with a pumpkin embroidery

Digitizing your logo for the embroidery machines is hard. That’s why here at Jupmode, our professional artists and design experts work with you to create your monogram logo and digitize it.

2 - Embroider Your Hats With the Company Mascot

The video above shows how our embroidery machines help us sew complex details quickly and easily—which is important when embroidering graphics such as company mascots.

Have you thought about customizing your company apparel with your brand mascot? A mascot for your landscaping company can give your brand a fun and approachable personality. It becomes a symbolic brand ambassador that makes your brand more relatable to customers.

Also, mascots look much better compared to company logos. As you can see in the image below, the Toledo patch on the hat is a lot cooler than just having a few letters or words.

Toledo hat with an embroidered patch face

Used wisely, a company mascot can become your best sales and marketing tool. Like a company avatar, it personifies your brand and makes it instantly recognizable.

In fact, a study by Technicolor Creative Studios found that mascots increase the emotional connection with customers by 41%, making them a powerful and versatile marketing tool to create engagement across multiple channels.

The ideal company mascot design is simple, original, and likable. For example, you can adopt a fun bee character as a mascot for your landscaping company. 

With the right awareness and marketing, a mascot will create brand recognition and appeal.

Also, with the right mascot and embroidery design, your hats will be fun for employees and customers to wear. It could be the difference between having a vibrant brand image and being just another landscaping company on the market. 

When you need to create and embroider complex elements such as a company mascot, Jupmode is the right company for you.

Unlike simple monogram letters, mascots and other graphic elements often require multiple colors, dense stitches, and intricate designs.

Luckily, our computerized embroidery machines open up endless opportunities. We can print all kinds of digitized designs fast, easily, and reliably. In the hands of our expert staff, these machines will embroider your brand mascot on your hats in brilliant detail.

3 - Hats for What You Believe In

hat with embroidered message

Today, brands are no longer neutral and impersonal entities. They are relatable, have strong values, and stand for something.

Aligning your landscaping company to a worthy cause, and having the hats for it, creates instant exposure and credibility for your brand. It also increases brand loyalty and creates repeat business for your company—a win-win for the cause and your business.

There are several reasons why cause marketing like this is effective:

  • Customers who believe in the cause will be proud to remain loyal to you
  • More people learn about your company because of the cause
  • With the right partnerships, you can earn free and valuable marketing
  • It’s part of your social responsibility as a brand in the community

One way to show your support to a cause is to have special hats embroidered for a community event. The people who take those hats are more likely to wear them during and after the event, making them walking ads for your company.

Your employees will also love working for a company that stands for something more than profits. It helps your employees take pride in their work, increasing engagement and productivity.

Above all, a good cause provides a “feel good” factor for your existing and prospective clients. It helps create and strengthen an emotional connection because customers feel they are increasing the value of their purchase by supporting a worthy cause.

As a landscaping company, you are ripe to pick up a social or environmental cause such as:

  • Recycling
  • Animal rights
  • Local charities
  • Advocating for native plants

Supporting a cause isn’t just about giving back. It’s a strategic business decision, given that a third of consumers now buy from brands based on their social and environmental impact.

When you need embroidered hats to show what your brand stands for, Jupmode is here to help. With our quick turnarounds, sophisticated equipment, and expertise, we help you conceptualize and create incredible branded hats for your landscaping company.

Expert Tip: As a brand, avoid contentious issues, such as politics, abortion, religion, or civil rights. These are highly divisive and could alienate customers and employees. They also draw attention away from your company and its main objectives.

4 - Use Embroidered Patches

hat with embroidered leather patch

Apparel for landscapers can wear out fast. Even though you might expect a hat to last for years, in the right hands, it can get pretty beat up and dirty much faster. That means you will have a need to embroider new hats regularly or use reusable patches.

Compared to direct embroidery, patches are a practical and affordable option for landscaping companies. A patch is an embroidered piece of material, like a badge, that can be attached to items of clothing. They can be sewn or glued onto hats and reused as needed.

Custom embroidered patches are provide a very trendy look while still being professional. They also support more intricate designs and come in various shapes, styles, sizes, and material options.

The beanie hat below sports one of our woven Michigan patches.

brown beanie with a woven Michigan patch

Our line of apparel with patches became an instant hit when we rolled them out and has been our most popular one yet.

“Used for company t-shirts. Excellent price, quality, design team, and quick shipping.”

Christina P

No matter the type of hat, our patches help you maximize the benefits of branded hats for your brand.

Get Your Brand on With Jupmode

It’s not easy to come up with a completely fresh design for custom embroidered hats. These classic, evergreen embroidery design ideas for hats are so useful because they save you time and money while achieving the same purpose.

As a landscaping company, differentiating yourself from the competition is probably at the top of your mind. make your brand more playful with a company mascot, relatable with a charitable cause, or go for the classic monograms or patches.

Whichever you choose, Jupmode is here to make your vision come true. We love vintage and fresh designs and always use high-quality materials. We pride ourselves on producing branded materials that people actually like to wear.

Best of all, our design, production, and customer service teams will walk with you every step of the way. Talk to us now about custom hats for your landscaping company and receive a free, no-obligation quote.

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