4 Impressive Ideas for Custom Landscaping Work Shirts

by John Amato

Custom landscaping work shirts are a great way to get your brand known, make your staff look professional on a work site, and build trust with your customers.

From eye-catching sunshades to an attractive company logo, there's no limit to the creativity you can incorporate to make landscaping work shirts look remarkable.

After working with a bunch of landscaping businesses, we’re excited to share our expertise on how to make your custom work shirts impressive.

Today, you’ll learn:

  • Which colors are best for landscaping work shirts
  • The best places on your shirt to put your design
  • How a great design can help communicate your business’s value
  • Why you need to pay attention to seasons when designing a landscaping shirt

To that end, here are four ideas for making impressive custom landscaping work shirts.

1 - Find the Perfect Place to Put Your Design

best locations on a shirt to print a logo

A landscaping work shirt with your company logo fosters professionalism and increases your brand loyalty.

People notice logos before they see your organization’s name. That’s because a logo reflects your company in the real world. It bears your brand message, which is why it's always important to find the perfect location on your work shirt to print your design for increased visibility.

A challenge for most landscaping businesses is deciding on the best places on a work shirt to have their logo printed.

Should it be on the front, middle, or back? Should it be left-aligned, center-aligned, or right-aligned? Well, many of these decisions depend on the size of your design and the message you want to convey.

Say, for example, you want to create a design rich in details. Well, putting the logo on the front will ensure it's visible to most people at all angles.

Suppose you want to include an enticing company slogan in your design. Putting it on the back would be perfect as it helps communicate your company’s value to people behind you.

While there are a lot of possibilities for logo placement and design, we always recommend to keep it simple for landscaping shirts. A simple design and placement clearly and effectively communicates your business information.

After all, you're in the lawn and landscape business; you're not a clothing brand.   

The table below shows the best positions to print your design for a custom landscaping work shirt.

Design Placements Standard Size Best For
Left chest 3.5”w x 4”h Simple and smaller designs with fewer details
Center chest 8”w x 8”h Simple medium-sized designs for increased visibility
Full front 12”w x 14”h Promotional shirts and large designs with a lot of details
Upper back 4”w x 4”h Display your company's logo
Full back 12”w x 14”h Putting sponsors logos and for less aggressive advertising

2 - Select Shirts That Fit the Season

custom work shirt designed for winter season

Landscapers often work in extreme environments. They have to endure intense heat during summers and low temperatures in winters. To maximize your team’s productivity, you need to make sure that you provide them with the best pieces of equipment that protect them from the harsh environment.

One way is by ensuring that your work shirts are designed for the right environments and seasons.

During summers, for example, the temperatures are always high. Light and heat-resistant shirts made from a fabric like polyester will ensure that your employees can work comfortably during a hot day. Polyester is more breathable and less sticky on the skin when your body is sweaty.

You can also provide long sleeved shirts that protect your employees’ skin from harmful UV rays.

On the other hand, during winters, your employees need something warmer. Although a shirt alone is not enough to keep them warm (pairing it with a custom hoodie or beanie is a good idea), the type of fabric and the color can influence how their body conserves heat.

Cotton, for example, is an excellent fabric for winter shirts. You can make it thicker to hold off the elements during winters.

Pro Tip: When choosing the colors of your winter shirts, opt for dark colors that help absorb heat, keeping you warmer.

At Jupmode, we ensure that your landscape working shirts are designed for the right season. Most of our shirts are made from a tri-blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon to ensure that your custom apparel’s fabric meets your requirements. You can check our collection to learn more.

3 - Create a Design That Communicates Value

custom landscaping work shirt with an effective design

The dream of every landscaping entrepreneur is to establish a solid client base for your business.

Yet there are over 636,249 landscaping service businesses in the US, so competition is thick. Finding your unique angle during marketing and branding will help you stand out.

Custom working shirts are great tools to advertise your business. They act as your first elevator pitch to trigger interest in your prospects.

However, not every design will help get your brand known. In that case, you need to make a design that communicates value to your potential customers.

A great design will help alert your audience to your services and communicate professionalism.

The question is, how do you create an effective design that communicates value for your landscaping business?

Firstly, ensure that your business logo is related to what your business is all about. Let's say you have a landscaping business specializing in lawn maintenance. A logo with grass symbols or a lawn mower accompanied with rich green color will immediately communicate your services.

Secondly, create a slogan that effectively communicates your brand message. Avoid generic slogans—taglines like “affordable lawn care” and “your one stop lawn caring partners” are way too obvious.

Consider adding a touch of creativity while also maintaining your company’s value proposition, like this slogan: “Imagine your ideal outdoor space and start living it.”

Finally, keep it simple. Some of the best shirts we've ever printed are one and two color designs in white or black ink. At Jupmode, we insist that it's important for you to focus on your business. Don't overcomplicate your shirts with a lot of detail or colors. Focus your time on what you do best. 

After communicating value with your design, the next thing you want is for your audience to take action. Right from your design, you can include:

  • Contact details like a phone number or email address
  • Your website address
  • Social media handles

Expert Tip: Make sure your slogan is super straightforward. A great slogan acts as a perfect elevator pitch that communicates your brand message about your business.

4 - Go For Vibrant Colors 

bright safety shirts for landscaping company

Colors play a vital role in any business brand. Color preferences are deeply rooted in emotions and how customers perceive a particular brand. Think of the last time you drove past a billboard that caught your eye. Which colors caught your eyes? 

For landscaping work shirts, choosing the right colors will not only help communicate your business image emotionally, but bright colors help improve visibility, therefore ensuring your employees' safety.

bright colors help improve visibility

Many landscapers work on busy roads and even during the night. Bright colors like yellow, neon green, orange, and red help drivers spot them at a distance.

Most residential landscapers spend much of their time under the hot sun, especially during summers. Going for bright colors, will help keep them cooler.

At Jupmode, we help you choose the best colors for your landscaping work shirts. After buying one of our custom apparel, here’s what one of our customers had to say.

“My shirt is so soft and comfortable to wear! Jupmode shirts are the best.”
- Jeannie K, US

Custom Landscaping Work Shirts Can Be Both Functional and Impressive

Custom landscaping work shirts are an essential part of your business's uniform. It may seem like an expensive investment, especially for new businesses, but hey, hear us out.

When you have customized landscaping apparel, it helps make your first impression on your prospects. When your landscaping crew shows up on a work site wearing the shirt, it will help make your brand known.

However, you’ll agree that choosing the best work shirt is not a simple task. You have to consider the type of fabric for your shirt and the right colors and design to incorporate for your custom work shirt.

Here at Jupmode, we help you create great landscaping shirts that will make an impression on your potential clients. We have been printing landscaping uniforms for nearly a decade, which means our team has the expertise to help you create great-looking shirts while ensuring your employee’s safety. 

You can order your custom apparel or check out our collection for inspiration.

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