Long Sleeve Safety T-Shirts for Dock Equipment and Overhead Door Company in Detroit, Michigan (Safety Shirts)

by john amato

We screen printed long sleeve safety green t-shirts for Great Lakes Dock and Door. GLDD is a dock equipment and overhead door company based out of Detroit, Michigan.

We have been screen printing safety green t-shirts for Great Lakes Dock and Door for many years now. It's great to have a consistent company with strong visual branding that is easy to work with. 

long sleeve safety shirts for great lakes dock and door in detroit michigan

We were able to print these shirts quickly and affordably for them because we have worked with them so much in the past and we made sure to provide artwork proofs ahead of time that accurately depicted what the shirts would look like when complete. 

Our experience in printing custom safety apparel for the construction and contracting industries aided in our ability to produce quality shirts.

Great Lakes Dock and Door orders bright yellow t-shirts each year for their employees to wear while working. In the summer they order short sleeve shirts and in the winter they order long sleeve shirts. They always use a black print that shows their logo well on the bright yellow shirts.

the back of safety green long sleeve shirts for great lakes dock and door

It's important for Great Lakes Dock and Door to have their employees wearing company shirts. It helps to effectively identify employees on the jobsite and keeps them clean and professional in front of customers.

The bright safety green shirts (which actually look yellow), keep them safe and seen on the job. These shirts are just as much about keeping employees safe as they are about looking good.

Jupmode has been screen printing custom safety t-shirts for contractors for nearly ten years. We have the expertise and know how to make your brand look good and keep your employees safe.

Reach out to us today to help with your order of safety apparel for your company.


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