Custom Embroidered Polo Shirts Examples

by John Amato

Custom embroidery is a great option for all types of businesses. And the standard for embroidered clothing is the polo. 

No matter what kind of business you work for, from large corporations to local businesses, embroidered polos make sense as employee apparel. When you want to look professional to your customers, nothing does that easier than a polo with your logo embroidered on it. 

Embroidered polos are so popular because they are so versatile. You can find them in any color, a wide range of sizes, many different brands, a fit that works for everyone, and a price point for any budget.

Here are some best practices to consider when starting a custom polo order for your business:

Below, we have examples of embroidered polos we've made for our customers.  

Reino Linen Company Polos

reino linen polo

Reino Linen sticks to the basics with this embroidered polo. We branded them with their logo on the left chest in white on navy Ogio polos. 

A simple polo with a company logo on it is an effective way to outfit employees that interact with customers each day. 

Ogio is one of our favorite brand of polos. They're high quality, fit well, and fashionable.  

Surface Combustion Embroidered Polos

custom embroidered nike polo

Surface Combustion is another great example of a company using embroidered polos to make their employees look professional. These custom Nike polos are simple and high quality.

One great thing about polos is that there aren't a lot of design choices which makes the decision making process easy. You're either putting your logo on the left or right chest and/or sleeve, or on the back between the shoulders. 

Surface Combustion has a simple, clear logo that reads easily in white with high contrast on royal blue polos.


embroidered polos

We love these Under Armour polos for Stryker. The navy color blocking and dark heather gray fabric make them stylish and fun to wear. 

We're big believers that the more comfortable and "cool" a garment is, the more often it'll be worn. The more often something is worn, the more your logo will be seen. So while these UA polos might be a little more expensive, they remain professional, stylish, and will get more eyes on the Stryker logo.

We like how Stryker used both the sleeve and yoke placements for their embroidery. We love a simple design that complements a quality garment.

City of Toledo Polo

custom embroidered polo

The City of Toledo recently updated their logo and we must say, we like it a lot. The big bold text and bright blue are easy to read and see from a distance. 

We embroidered this new TOL logo on polos from Port Authority. They're a cost effective option when you have a lot of employees that need polos.

We love having our business in the city of Toledo, have benefitted from the support of the local commmunity, and are proud to support the city by providing their employee polos.

More Embroidered Polo Design Ideas

Every day we're helping our customers with new embroidered polos. 

In an attempt to show you more ideas and examples of embroidered polos, here are more polos that we've made for our customers. 

job shop embroidered polo

Job Shop Embroidered Nike Polo

toledo humane society polo

Toledo Humane Society Polo 

lourdes university embroidered polo

Lourdes University Embroidered Polo

Order Custom Embroidered Polos for Your Business

Embroidered polos provide a professional look for employees and are great gifts for customers. 

No matter the organization you work for, polos with your logo on them can be part of the uniform. We regularly embroider polos for construction companies, non-profits, schools, sports teams, hospitals, and manufacturing companies. 

At Jupmode we have the experience, design skill, and equipment to provide high quality polos for your business. 

If you need new embroidered employee polos don’t hesitate to reach out to Jupmode

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