Construction Uniform: How Your Company Can Benefit From Branded Apparel

by Molly Joyce

There’s a certain image people associate with construction workers: yellow helmets, heavy steel boots, high visibility (hi-vis) clothing, and construction tools. 

However, this image makes your workers look like the other 10 million+ employees in the US construction industry, making it impossible for your brand to stand out.

Fortunately, there are many ways to stand out in the construction industry:

  • Providing excellent customer service 
  • Finding a niche and excelling in it
  • Building a good team
  • Keeping up with emerging trends

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to set your firm aside is by branding the equipment your workers already use—such as, their construction uniforms and safety apparel.

Displaying your company’s logo on your workers’ hi-vis and safety clothing not only gives you an edge over your competition but also comes with other benefits.

1 - Branded Apparel Displays Professionalism

If you want to show your clients that they can trust your brand and your workers, establish a professional business image with branded construction uniforms. 

Having your company’s logo or name embroidered on your workers’ safety shirts and hi-vis jackets reinforces your brand’s strategy and position in the industry.

branded long sleeve safety construction t-shirt

Branded uniforms are also crucial for gaining new clients. As clients meet with your workers, the branded clothing sends a message of order and professionalism, which builds their confidence in your company. 

This, in turn, makes them want to associate further with your brand.

2 - Branded Apparel as a Sense of Pride and Responsibility

Are you proud of the construction work you do? 

What of the people that work for you? 

If your answer is “Yes”, then invest in branded uniforms to display your pride.

When Schoen Inc. dresses their workers in branded reflective safety jackets, they’re letting the world know that they trust their employees.

Do you think the firm would’ve put their logo on their workers’ uniforms if they were abrasive or showed poor behavior? Most likely not.

By choosing to brand their safety shirts, Schoen Inc. is communicating confidence in their workers.

branded safety jacket

When a company brands its uniforms, the sense of ownership trickles down from the leaders to the workers. 

Branded apparel is the company’s vote of confidence in the workers that they’ll represent the brand appropriately, both on site and off.

3 - Branded Apparel Promotes Team Building

Think of your favorite sports team. If you go to the stadium to watch them play, you’ll likely associate and bond with fans pledging allegiance to the same team.

The same idea applies to branded construction uniforms; matching safety hoodies promote a sense of belonging and solidarity, making employees feel they’re working as a team towards a common goal. 

When the workers wear your brand, they’re saying they are part of a community and culture, increasing cohesiveness and building team spirit.

The branded apparel also boosts the workers’ morale and productivity. When they wear the same safety clothes at work, they feel included and take pride in their tasks.

Omnisource branded safety shirt

Besides uniting workers, branded uniforms give them a consistent look. 

When they dress in matching apparel, it becomes easy to locate your workers, and know they’re a part of your mission.

4 - Branded Apparel Is an Excellent Marketing Strategy

Branded clothing has long been used as an effective marketing tool to attract prospective clients and improve a company’s exposure.

When workers wear branded construction and safety clothing, they become associated with your brand wherever they go.

branded apparel helps spread branded awareness

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branded high visibility clothing

As people spot your company’s name and logo, the branded apparel translates to free advertising. This way, your brand is able to reach people and places not yet conquered by traditional media.

Besides, unlike paid TV and print adverts, branding construction uniforms is far less expensive, since the clothing does the advertising for you.

Plus, branded construction clothing, such as long sleeve safety t-shirts, lasts longer than traditional advertising. 

Clothes are designed to be worn for months or years, so your company logo will be displayed for a long time to come.

5 - Branded Apparel Builds Trust and Credibility

Construction companies with branded apparel enjoy a greater perception among prospective clients and other workers. 

Customers naturally perceive workers wearing branded clothing as experts in their field with a sense of pride in their work, making them better service providers. 

As a result, new clients will feel secure and confident in seeking your construction services, while old customers will readily refer you to their friends.

branded apparel

Remember, consistency sells. 

If people can rely on having the same experience anytime they seek your services, they’ll keep visiting your business. Branded construction uniforms offer all workers a consistent appearance, reinforcing trust and credibility.

Construction Uniform: What Do Construction Workers Wear?

man wearing safety goggles for eye protection

Forget the yellow hard hats and reflective vests construction workers adorn on site—there’s much more to their clothing.

From operating heavy machinery to carrying huge loads and working at heights, construction sites pose serious accident and injury threats to workers. 

That’s why the US workplace laws mandate that employees wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when on construction sites. 

The PPEs are meant to protect workers from health and safety risks (high and low) that may occur via: 

  • Falling objects on site, crushing the workers’ limbs
  • Cuts and abrasions through the skin by sharp objects 
  • Physical impact from heavy machinery, damaging internal organs
  • Flying particles in the air entering the eye

Generally, the construction workers’ clothing needs to meet the safety standards for the job. This means the eyes, head, ears, and feet need maximum protection.

Type of Protection Common PPE available Specifications
Head protection
  • Safety helmets
Color varies depending on the wearer’s role
  • Yellow for laborers
  • Red for firefighters
  • Brown for welders
  • Gray for site visitors
Eye protection
  • Safety glasses
  • Safety goggles
  • Face shields
  • Welding shields
Vary depending on the construction task at hand
Foot protection
  • Protective boots
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Wellington boots
  • Puncture resistant
  • Provide insulation against extreme cold and heat
  • Slip-resistant
Ear protection
  • Earmuffs
  • Earplugs
  • Semi-insert caps
  • Offer a suitable level of protecting depending on task at hand
  • Fit tightly around the head
Hand protection
  • Gloves
  • Mittens
Type of gloves depend on the task at hand
  • Chemical resistant for rubber and plastic
  • Slip-resistant for general protection
  • Insulated for electric tasks

Branding Construction Uniform for Success

Whichever way you choose to brand your workers’ construction uniforms, anywhere they go, word of your company will spread.

If you’re ready to elevate your brand with custom branded construction uniforms, reach out to Jupmode today at or call us at 419-318-2029 for further inquiries.

We offer excellent custom printing and embroidery services with plenty of personalization options to make your branded construction uniforms stand out. 

"I ordered a yellow sweater in a group purchase that I loved - it was SO soft and looked great." - Erin O'Neil

testimonial of Michael

Frequently Asked Questions

What should construction workers NOT wear to construction sites?

The clothing items and accessories workers shouldn’t wear on site for safety purposes include:

  • Ripped jeans
  • Skirts or dresses
  • Jewelry
  • Open-toed shoes
  • Tight pants

Why should construction workers wear hi-vis clothing as part of their uniform?

Hi-vis clothing is an essential part of construction uniforms because it makes workers visible to other workers or road users, preventing accidents and injuries. 

What factors should you consider when buying branded construction uniforms?

Durability, safety, and comfort are key factors to consider when choosing a custom construction uniform

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