4 Really Good Reasons You Should Buy American Made Shirts

by John Amato

The benefits of purchasing American-made shirts traverse as wide as an eagle’s wings. From showcasing American pride to promoting a better environment, it’s no wonder most American consumers have resorted to purchasing locally made products instead of imports.

But if you’re still sitting on the fence, the following statistics will convince you why American-made shirts are a worthwhile investment:

  • Local manufacturers provide jobs to millions of Americans every year. In 2018, the sector employed 11.9 million workers.
  • Local manufacturers contribute at least $2.77 trillion annually to the US economy. Buying American-made shirts boosts the country’s economy.
  • For every $1 billion worth of goods imported, the US economy loses 4,500 jobs. Buying American-made products reverses this cycle and creates job opportunities. 

Jupmode has remained steadfast in its love and pride for America. Since kicking off in 2006, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making the highest quality shirts, with everything sourced locally, from fabrics to labor. 

Purchasing American-made shirts has several environmental, ethical, financial, and aesthetic benefits, as we shall see below.

1 - You Are Guaranteed Higher Quality Shirts

Jupmode’s Ohio-themed shirts

Nothing beats American-made when it comes to quality. Anytime there’s a “Made in the USA” label on a shirt, three elements come to mind: high quality, superior product, and excellent craftsmanship.

With a long history of manufacturing, the US has managed to pass down skills and experience to younger generations. This has promoted the production of clothes with the highest level of craftsmanship.

Manufacturing companies in the US must pass rigorous tests before releasing their apparel to the public. This is done to ensure the clothes they produce are fit for consumers, and the planet. The usage of cheap fabrics and toxic dyes that can cause skin allergies and irritations is prohibited. 

Instead, American brands are required to work with the superior quality fabrics like cotton and rayon to abide by the safety and quality standards. 

In turn, consumers end up purchasing shirts that are:

  • Durable: A fabric like cotton has a high tensile strength, which makes it strong and unlikely to tear or rip.
  • Comfortable: Fabrics like fleece and cotton are breathable and exclusively soft, providing maximum comfort.
  • Great fit: Quality fabrics maintain their shape, giving you a nice fit even after several washes.

”Shirt is very soft and fits like a medium should. Excited to wear it to my friends’ Euchre party this weekend!”
— Michael W, ★★★★★ Jupmode Verified Buyer, Pick It Up Euchre Shirt 

Some countries overseas are not subjected to thorough quality and safety tests, which compromises the quality of the shirts they produce.

2 - American Made Products Provide Jobs for Americans

a couple of Jupmode’s staff

Promoting US-based brands creates more jobs and opportunities for American residents. 

The more money invested in American made shirts, the more money will be put back into manufacturing them. This, in turn, leads to growth in the manufacturing sector. 

And as the sector grows, more jobs are created, pushing more money back into the economy … and the cycle continues.

Relying on clothes made by foreign manufacturers, on the other hand, has resulted in fewer jobs for Americans. 

A 2018 article published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the manufacturing sector had lost about 7.5 million jobs since 1980. The primary reason for this decline was the rising trade with foreign countries like China, resulting in most consumers purchasing foreign products.

Luckily, we can reverse this cycle and create more job opportunities for the future generations. If each American spent as little as $3.33 on American made shirts per year, close to 10,000 new jobs would be created. 

new jobs would be created

Not only that. A 2021 report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the average American family spends $1,833 on clothes every year. If only half of these purchases were made on USA-made apparel, millions of jobs would be created.

So whenever you buy American made shirts, know that you’re increasing the jobs available to future generations and growing the economy. 

Jupmode offers a wide variety of American made shirts to cater to your individual needs and preferences. Whether you want a shirt with an imprinted USA flag or one to match your green embroidered sweatpants, there’s something for you.

3 - Buying USA Made Shirts Reduces Carbon Footprint

Jupmode’s physical store

Did you know that most foreign products are actually shipped from the US as raw materials, manufactured, then shipped back as finished goods for sale?

That’s a lot of fuel! 

The back and forth shipment of the goods creates unnecessary fossil fuel emissions and production of greenhouse gasses. 

The resultant effects on the environment are hazardous:

  • Fossil fuels release harmful air pollutants like nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide, which causes acid rain, damages crops, and harms wildlife.
  • When oil spills into water bodies during shipping, toxic chemicals like mercury and lead are released into the water. These substances contaminate groundwater, rendering it unsafe for consumption. 
  • Fossil fuels are non-renewable. When burned, they release greenhouse gasses unlike their renewable counterparts, such as wind energy and geothermal.

By purchasing shirts made by local businesses, you’ll be contributing to a cleaner planet. Since these shirts are manufactured locally, no overseas shipping is needed, immensely reducing their carbon footprint. 

Most international sea shipping also takes way longer, sometimes up to 30 days. And while air shipping may be quicker, it is ridiculously expensive. 

But with USA-made shirts, you have a more reliable supply chain. When a product is made domestically, manufacturers can respond to demand faster and fill inventory holes in a reasonable time frame. 

While it can take up to 10 business days to deliver shirts for custom branded merch or those out of stock, your shirts will most likely arrive sooner. 

”I am super impressed…The shirts were delivered quicker than I expected and the quality of the finished product was excellent.”
— Steve M, Jupmode Verified Buyer

4 - Fast and Convenient Communication

If you’ve ever purchased an item overseas, you understand that several challenges may arise during the entire process due to miscommunication. 

These challenges can be attributed to factors such as:

  • Delayed communication: The huge difference in time zones often results in late responses.
  • Language barriers: Some countries speak foreign languages like German and French, which makes communication difficult.
  • Poor customer service: Unresponsiveness from foreign companies and failure to provide solutions to consumers’ needs is a major challenge of purchasing products overseas.

Working with a local company, on the other hand, guarantees you a fast response. You can also pick your phone and reach out whenever you want because of the similar time zones. 

At Jupmode, we value quality customer service as much as the quality of our apparel. Our FAQ page will give you fast answers to the commonly asked questions regarding our products and services. 

To check your order status, use the lookup order tool. And if you need to make changes on your order, just get in touch, and our highly experienced customer service team will attend to you. 

Jupmode Makes Custom Shirts That Are Made in the USA

Jupmode’s shirts

According to a recent Consumer Reports survey, 8 in 10 Americans would rather buy locally-made products than imported goods. When we buy American-made shirts, we’re not only boosting the country’s economy but also creating more job opportunities and promoting a sustainable environment. 

Domestic shipping is fast and affordable, ensuring you receive your order conveniently, and in the shortest time possible.

These, together with the excellent customer service and high quality products produced, makes purchasing locally made shirts worthwhile. 

Jupmode regularaly prints custom shirts are made in the USA using the highest quality fabrics. With endless styles and sizes to choose from, you’ll indeed find something for you, whether you’re looking for a custom vintage or a safety shirt.

Check out the entire collection of our shirts here.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for further inquiries or if you’d like to make a custom order. We’ll get back to you in no time.

”Jupmode is very professional, very responsive and a pleasure to work with. We will be back again!”
— Don C, Jupmode Verified Buyer

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