Women’s Ohio Sports Gear: 4 Factors to Consider for Maximum Comfort

by Molly Joyce

We’ve all been there. You buy a trendy sports bra and a matching leggings, hoping they’re long lasting and fit perfectly—only to find that the sports bra fades when washed and the leggings are too tight and uncomfortable.

But don’t fret about it. With all of Ohio’s activewear brands today, it’s easy to purchase gear that’s too small, unbreathable, or made with low-quality fabric. 

While it’s crucial to like what you see when shopping in-store or online (hello, enticing Instagram ads), it shouldn’t be your only criteria. 

The best women’s sports gear isn’t just attractive; it makes you feel confident and comfortable. It’s functional, well-fitting, breathable, and suited for the activities you love like yoga, running, or hiking.

Besides comfort and confidence, the perfect sports gear: 

  • Acts as a layer of protection during workouts, preventing injuries

  • Improves your freedom of movement

  • Improves your performance

Whether you’re planning a hike or preparing for a race at your favorite Ohio racing club, the criteria below will help you shop for the most comfortable sports gear. 

But above all, keep in mind this old saying: “Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.”

1 - Choose Material That’s Breathable and Wicks Away Moisture

Jupmode’s Ohio script women's muscle tank

When choosing women’s sports gear, the material is a major factor to consider. That’s because the fabric’s breathability and moisture management play a critical role in your comfort.

  • Breathability is how easily air moves through your workout fabric. Breathable fabric like cotton allows hot air to escape from your body, while a tighter-knit fabric like silk retains your body heat, making the cloth cling to your body when you sweat.

  • Moisture management refers to the fabric’s performance when it becomes wet or damp. If the fabric resists moisture absorption, it’s considered moisture-wicking, but if it gets wet and heavy, it’s absorbent (which you don’t want for your workout gear).

Natural fabric like cotton is perfect for warm weather, just like our light and breathable Ohio Script Women's Muscle Tank top—it’s ideal for lighter workouts that require less sweating like yoga.

However, cotton is highly absorbent. So the moment you start sweating, your tank top will begin to feel heavy and wet. 

In such cases, or if you’re working out in humid environments, we encourage you to choose sports gear made with a blend of fabrics. The Toledo, Ohio Tank Top, for instance, is a tri-blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon. 

While cotton is light and breathable, polyester and rayon absorb moisture and sweat, keeping you fresh, clean, and dry.

The following table shows the common sports gear fabrics, their properties, and when to wear them:



When To Wear It


  • Highly durable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Any type of workout
  • Any type of weather


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Easy to wash
  • Odor resistant
  • Warm weather, as long as you aren’t sweating


  • Very stretchy and flexible
  • Workouts that need a lot of movement, e.g., weightlifting and yoga


  • Soft
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Stretchy
  • Easily returns to pre-stretched shape and size
  • Any type of workout
  • Any type of weather

2 - Ensure the Sports Gear Fits Perfectly

Jupmode’s Ohio long sleeve workout shirt

Well-fitting sports gear is essential for every workout. You don’t want clothing that’s so tight it restricts your movement or so loose that it causes distractions when the extra fabric gets in the way of your exercise. For instance, wide-legged pants may get tangled up on your feet when running, which may lead to falling.

When purchasing your women’s sports gear at our physical store, try them on first to ensure you get the perfect fit. For example, if you’re eyeing the ultra-soft Beautiful Ohio Shirt, pay attention to how it fits your chest, stomach, and shoulders, then choose the one that feels most comfortable in those areas.

But when buying sports wear online, go through our t-shirt size chart so you can know your exact size before completing your order.

Expert Tip: We offer free returns and exchanges on all of our online orders. Order with confidence knowing that if you need to changes sizes, we'll happily accommodate you.

3 - Pay Attention to the Weather and Seasons

buckeye state women's crew sweatshirt

A recent study reported that people refrain from exercising when the temperatures are too cold or hot. 

While we can’t change Ohio’s warm, humid summers and cold, windy winters, we can work with the seasons and dress appropriately in conditions that may stand in our way.

These tips will help you dress for maximum comfort when exercising in different weather seasons:

Hot Weather

  1. Choose shirts with blended fabrics, like Jupmode’s Ohio is the Greatest Shirt—a perfect combination of polyester, cotton, and rayon. These fabrics wick moisture away from your skin and keep it cool.

  2. Avoid wearing socks made from 100% cotton when running or cycling. Your feet will sweat a lot, and cotton will keep them wet, causing blisters. Instead, opt for synthetic blends like the Fancy Ohio Socks made from cotton, nylon, and spandex, which wick away the moisture.

  3. Opt for light-colored, loose-fitting sports gear like the Fancy Ohio Shirt that reflects light away from you and lets your body breathe and cool naturally. That’s because tight-fitting clothes will stick to your skin, preventing breathability, while dark-colored clothes will absorb heat and the sun’s light, making you hot and sweaty.

Cold Weather

  1. Dress warmly, but keep in mind that your heart rate and temperature will be boosted as you exercise.

    So dress in layers you can remove with ease when it gets hot. That is:

    • An inner layer in direct contact with your skin that wicks away moisture

    • A middle layer that prevents insulation

    • An outer layer, like a light jacket, that’s waterproof and wind-resistant

  2. Protect your head, hands, and feet by wearing a beanie, mittens, and a warm pair of socks. In cold temperatures, blood gets concentrated in your body’s core, leaving your hands, feet, and head vulnerable to frostbite.

  3. Wear reflective clothing like a high-visibility jacket when exercising outside in the dark Ohio winters. This will reflect light at the motorists, alerting them of your presence on the road and minimizing the chances of an accident.

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4 - Consider Type of Sporting Activity You’re Engaging In

Ohio women's joggers by Jupmode

Every sport has its rules, and what you wear is greatly determined by your activities. 

These tips will help you determine the best sports gear for maximum comfort in every activity:

  • For activities involving a lot of bending like yoga and pilates, consider stretchy fabrics that provide maximum flexibility.

  • For high-intensity workouts, fitting t-shirts are a great choice because they offer maximum support and flexibility and won’t get in the way as you move.

  • If you’re a swimmer, opt for non-absorbent materials like nylon and lycra with minimal to no dye added since the dye can bleed into the pool, interfering with the water chemistry.

  • A long-sleeved shirt will help you warm up faster and keep you warm when working out in an air-conditioned dance or gym studio.

  • Sweatsuits and joggers are excellent sports gear when exercising in cold weather since they retain heat in the body. 

Generally, as you choose your sports gear, you want to ensure that no clothing gets in the way of your activity to cause harm and injuries.

a long-sleeved shirt will help you warm up faster

Get Your Women’s Ohio Sports Gear Today

When it comes to variety, you can never go wrong with Jupmode, since we have everything under one roof—from women’s workout staples like t-shirts and tank tops to extra wear like hoodies and sweatsuits. 

We have several Ohio pieces that can go from working out at the gym to hiking, some neutral and others with a pop of color to brighten your wardrobe. With plenty of versatile pieces, you can mix and match the sports gear to your heart’s desire.

Again, you want your sportswear to complement your workout routine, not get in its way. By investing in Jupmode’s high-quality pieces, you’ll take your routine to the next level and look cute while at it.

"Super soft material. I have received many compliments."

Sarah F, United States, Ohio Smiley Shirt

So if you’re looking to gift yourself or a loved one the perfect women’s Ohio sports gear, Jupmode has you covered. Our Ohio Apparel and Gifts collection boasts a range of workout pieces, from hoodies to backpacks for carrying your sportswear.

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