Where did the name Jūpmode come from?

by John Amato

One question I get asked all the time is where did you get your company name from. It’s a common question because it’s an odd name. 

It all started back when I was in 5th grade. My dad told my older brother, who is two years older than me, it was time for him to get a job. A good job, he said, for a 7th grader was cutting grass. So my brother, a good son, listened to our father and started a lawn mowing business. 

At the time my brother was working on a school project on the planet Jupiter. He decided to name his new business after the planet. It was a quick, decision but had lasting impacts. 

My older brother operated Jupiter Pro Lawn Care through high school while I worked for him. When he graduated, I took over. When I left for college, our younger brother took over. 

In all, we ran the lawn business for 12 years. It was a big deal for us. We learned a lot, had some fun, and made a little money. The first shirts we ever had made were for this business. 

Jupiter Pro Lawn Care Shirt

I sold my first shirt in 2007. It was the Jim Tressel Sweater Vest T-Shirt

It started out as just something fun to do. I didn’t have big plans to start a business when I created the shirt but once I received licensing from the Ohio State University, I needed to move forward with production and the start of my business. While I had no idea what exactly this company would become, I knew that the company name needed to be broader than the Jim Tressel Sweater Vest T-Shirt Company. 

Jim Tressel Sweater Vest T-Shirt
I spent almost a year in France just before I made the first sample for the Tressel T-Shirt. While I can’t speak much French, one word that I did learn was mode, which means fashion. 

After receiving approval from OSU, I had a really tight timeline to produce product in time for football season. Decisions were made quickly. One of those was the company name. 

The Jup in Jūpmode comes from Jupiter Pro Lawn Care. Mode comes from the French word for fashion. Essentially, it’s Jupiter Fashion. 

Some people think we have a strange company name. Others don’t know how to pronounce it. Either way, it’s unique and, I think, memorable. 


  • Comment Author: Bob Pinkston

    Interesting company, that is remaining nimble and taking advantage of unique opportunities to grow their business. Smart strategy.

  • Comment Author: Terrance Crosby

    My Boss Steve Taylor from the Taylor Automotive Family surprised Me with a Devilbiss Tigers T-Shirt..where I attended High School. It is such high quality..soft and fits comfortably.! I have a Action Basketball Photo playing against The University of Kentucky that I would like to incorporate into a Jupmode T-Shirt. Would this be Doable..? BTW..Your Co. Story was very informative..! Wishing Jupmode continued Success.

  • Comment Author: Kristin

    I’m so glad I read this story! How cool. Glad I found you ~ and wishing you continued success

  • Comment Author: Gayle Keresey

    Perfect name! Why aren’t there OSU shirts now? Actually, I don’t care about OSU. I was wondering about Miami University. I know neither of those are in the area you have specified, so another that IS appropriate. I would like a lighthouse t-shirt. Take your pick. It could be Toledo Harbor, Marblehead or any in Michigan.

  • Comment Author: Debra

    I love the name, it’s creative and unique! I’m glad I read your story!

    I need the… pick it up, I’m going alone (Euchre) t-shirt! For someone that lives in Michigan it’s a must have! Hoping for the XL size to be restocked soon for my guy crew. Always looking for fun and creative ways to give someone a grin.

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