In Tressel We Trust

by john amato

As the guy that created the Tressel T-Shirt, we’re kind of in a funny position. We created a product that was authorized by, and relied solely on, the success of a football coach. Now that he is no longer a football coach, we’re left without the foundation of our business. While this is not an enviable position to be in, it has been a pretty good gig these last five years. And hopefully we’ve established enough of a business to keep moving on.

The Tressel t-shirt is unique for a lot of reason. Most importantly, for this post anyway, is that the construction of the shirt is very difficult. Because it is so labor intensive, we had two separate production runs – one in Mexico and the other in India. Without an easy or nearby production option, each run was quite prodigious. Coincidentally, without Coach Tressel at the helm of the Buckeyes, we will not be making anymore Tressel t-shirts, bibs, koozies, or onesies. What we have in stock is all there will ever be.

Coach Tressel became known for his iconic dress like only a handful of coaches before him. Joe Paterno’s glasses and tie, Bear Bryant’s houndstooth hat, and Woody Hayes’ hat are inseparable from the men that wore them. We have spoken many times of the virtues of the sweater vest t-shirt: it’s lightweight, comfortable, protective, formal but ready to party, and pays respect to one of OSU’s greatest coaches. While supplies last, all of our Coach Tressel apparel will be discounted. For a limited time, you can use the coupon “The Vest” to save 30% off your order.

We are saddened to see Coach Tressel leave the Ohio State University in the way he did. We have faith in Coach Tressel and the Ohio State University. It is our belief that they will both recover from this with grace and courage.


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