Vintage Toledo Zoo Tiger T-Shirt (New Release)

by john amato

vintage toledo zoo tiger shirt

There is a lot of love for the Toledo Zoo!

With summer on the horizon it means one thing, it's the perfect time to head to the Toledo Zoo. Relive your favorite memories and create new ones with all of the rare animals, exhibits, and activities the Zoo has to offer.

You can now wear our licensed Toledo Zoo Vintage Tiger Shirt on your next trip with your family and friends to explore the best zoo in the country!

This Toledo Zoo shirt is our newest addition to our Toledo Zoo collection of t-shirts and gifts. Over the years we've added several new designs to what started with just the Toledo Zoo 1988 Panda Exhibit Shirt.

It's not surprising that all of the designs in this collection have been big hits. From the vintage Toledo Zoo logo shirt to the Lights before Christmas, there are so many great memories and current events associated with Toledo's zoo.

Our job is to promote all of the wonderful people, places, and institutions in Toledo. We love this job. The Toledo Zoo is always at the top of everyone's list when they talk about what makes Toledo great. 

We are excited to bring you this new release to help continue to spread the happiness, joy, and legacy of our Toledo Zoo.

You can find this shirt on our website and both of our Toledo, Ohio retail stores.


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