Vintage Toledo High School Shirts (Devilbiss and Libbey)

by john amato

devilbiss tigers and libbey cowboys vintage shirts

Our Libbey Cowboys and Devilbiss Tigers vintage-inspired t-shirts have a new look to them! With this new colorway, these revamped shirts represent the Cowboys and Tigers in a fun, timeless manner.

Our line of throwback Toledo Public High School shirts has been one of our most loved since we launched them. We can't tell you how many times people stop in our store and say they need this shirt for their mom or dad who went to school at Libbey or Devilbiss.

Toledo is proud of its public schools and their history and significance to the city. While all of these schools are no longer open (we have Macomber and McAuley designs, too), the attachment to the schools hasn't waned. 

We created these shirts for everyone who feels nostalgic for their high school and their high schools memories. It's a special time and place in ones life. 

Our hope is that these shirts can re-establish that connection and revive those memories. 

You can find our Toledo high school shirts in both of our Toledo, Ohio retail stores and on our website,


  • Comment Author: Erin Rodriguez

    I found a throwback Libbey cowboys pullover jacket looks brand new if ur interested

  • Comment Author: Keaton Belcher

    Hello! I love your website. I am actually in the process of starting my own T-Shirt company (similar to yours) but base it on Kentucky High Schools. I would love to ask a few questions about how you started if you don’t mind?!?

    You can text my cell if that’s easier for you: 859-322-6327

  • Comment Author: John Amato

    Thanks, Chris! Glad you like them. These old Toledo high school designs have been fun to make. We love hearing from people about them and their connection to the schools.

  • Comment Author: Chris Gross

    These throwback shirts are awesome. I’ve got both Macomber designs in heather.

    I am writing to let you know how excited I am over the new colorways and cannot wait until I purchase each Macomber design again in the color black. Nothing would be sleeker with the yellow accents.

    Anyway, thanks for making these throwbacks.

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